Thursday, February 17, 2011

Video Montage

Here is the tribute I did for Jimmie's birthday!

We are singing it from the rooftops! Our precious Jimmie is 2 years old!


Monday, February 14, 2011

My 2nd Birthday- By Jimmie Gravitt

Hi Everybody,

I had the best birthday party the other day! I'm 2 years old. That's big...

I was so happy when I got to Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt's and saw everybody there to help me celebrate.

I looked around and saw my cousins Cole & Micky!

My Grandpa & Grandma Gravitt.

My Auntie Amber, GG Paula and Pa!

I saw my Ma!!

And of course my momma and daddy were there too.

As soon as I got down I made a beeline for the laundry room. I love the buttons on the washer and dryer. I love to watch them spin. But I'm not supposed to touch those buttons...

So I got scolded... That made me sad.

I got over it quickly though. There were other things to do. Presents to open.

Wow! I'm so big now I got my own computer!

Momma's probably hoping this will stop me from messing with her laptop.

This is pretty cool, but momma's hopes better not be up about that.

I needed help getting some of my new toys out of their packages. I told momma, "open" with my hands.

This new train . . .

. . . is totally cool!!

Sometimes you just need a break from unwrapping. I chose to recharge by riding my horse I got for Christmas.

I rode so fast the camera could hardly catch me for a picture.

Everybody cheered for me!

I wore that horse plumb out. So while the horse had a nap- I opened more presents.

I love books! So does my cousin Cole.

I made sure he knew this ladybug book was mine too.

After the books I opened a barn full of farm animals!!

And then colors and a coloring book.

Grandma helped me color. . .

I decided to taste the pretty yellow crayon.

It wasn't very yummy.

Then I went back to my horse to work on him with a tool Grandpa used to put him together at Christmas. I love tools and working on stuff.

Speaking of tools I got a hammer and something to pound!

I am wild when I hammer. My cousin Cole almost got hammered cause he was too close to the construction zone.

After the hammer fun I opened . . .

A whole tool set!!

I even have my own safety goggles.

These will keep my baby blues safe while I'm sawing and drilling and stuff.

Everybody made a big deal about how cute I looked and I got a little shy.

After that I surveyed my loot. I got so much stuff there is not time for me to tell you about all of it. But lets just say- I heard momma say she was putting up all of my toys at home to make room for my new ones. Don't worry- she rotates my toys so I'll see my old ones again soon. Momma is smart like that.

The presents kept coming! You guys will not believe what I got next!

A John Deere Tractor of my very own!

It has a pedal that makes it go.

And a steering wheel.

And shovels on the front and the back that I can control with levers.

Man I'm big!!!

I even took my cousin Micky for a ride.

She may have been nervous.

I told her not to worry. I'm a good driver.

Micky also liked riding my horse.

I was worried about her being up there by herself so GG Paula helped me up with her.

Yee haw!!!

Riding double was fun!

My daddy and I showed off our matching tractor t-shirts.

My momma put fire in front of me.

Which I thought was a bit foolhardy.

Then I was supposed to blow out the fire after everybody sang.

But I couldn't make a big enough breeze. Ma helped.

I was so grateful about that I fed her cake.

I think she liked it!

I sure did!

All in all that was a pretty awesome birthday party.

Life is good!

Jimmie Jim Jim

P.S. Make sure you read my 24 month birthday letter!