Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Jimmie- Happy 13th Month Birthday

Dear Jimmie,

It's already been 1 month since your 1 year old birthday. However it is *STILL* 11 weeks until your developmental 1 year birthday. You were born 1 week short of 4 months early. That's 15 weeks before your due date. It is still unbelievable to me that you have survived and even more so you have THRIVED!

This you right after you were born.

And this is you today!

Look at how you have grown next to your Rottweiler Puppy!

Look how you've grown in your father's hands!

You are getting so big Jimmie and there are so many pictures all in a row to scroll through that I decided to do your "month birthday" posts a little differently now. I'm only going to post the first and then most recent photo. But I made a montage with all of the pictures in order so we can all click and watch them like a slide show. I used a piece of music from your Pa's cd Sound Tracks!

This Month you have gained a whole pound and then lost almost 1/2 of it. You were all the way up to 14 lbs 8 ounces, but now you are back down to 14 lbs 2.5 ounces.

You've gained a little under a 1/2 inch in length! You are 27 1/2 inches long.

Your head circumference has increased by 1/8th inch. It is 17 1/8th inches around!

You have 112 followers on your blog!

Your Faithfulness Video Montage has been viewed 8,206 times. That's 724 views this month!

Your Jimmie's Wonderful World montage has been viewed 780 times! And your new High Places video montage has been viewed 423 times!

Your blog has been viewed 5,250 times this month for a total of 82,451 hits! You have a lot of very cool people who love to check on your progress Jimmie.

The first part of this past month you were eating like a horse Jimmie. You were eating two cubes or more of baby food (3 or 4 times a day) and other little snacks and sides. You were tolerating up to 5 ounces of breast milk through your g-tube without vomiting and you were even starting to take small amounts of liquids from your sippy cup. You were doing so well that your nutritionist and your mommy decided to cut back your tube feeds to only 3 and let you take in all of your nutrition by mouth for most of the day. Shortly after that change was made you dropped off a bit and your mommy became discouraged and worried. Then it became apparent you were fighting a virus.

This virus has been a nasty one for you. Tons of snot, coughing, no appetite, gagging and puking, fevers, double ear infection and a little bit of fluid in your left lung. Lots of family and friends have been sick including your cousins Cole and McKenna. Also your Daddy and Mommy and me- your Auntie Amber. Ugh!

As of this morning your mommy thinks your lung already sounds much better. She thinks the fluid may already be gone. She did a TKM sequence Ma told her to do on you after you were asleep last night. This sequence was for fluid in the lungs. Perhaps you are out of the woods for pnuemonia now. We hope so!!

Also the last few days the horrible puking has gotten less and you are starting to eat better again! Yeah! We hope you can pick right up where you left off and continue on the path your OT Ms. C. has assured your mom you are on. A path to no more tube feeds.

We had a birthday party for you this month at your house.

It was perfect!

You were a doll!

Not only did you have that party at your house, you also went to the February birthdays celebration at your Great Grandpa and Grandma Hester's house and you celebrated your Grandpa Rod and Uncle Kevin's birthdays.

You cut your second tooth. Now you have two on bottom.

Just a few weeks ago your momma was starting to be concerned because you really were not babbling yet. Almost as soon as we posted about it you started babbling! (-: You are now saying, "ma ma ma, ba ba ba and da da da.." Yeah! Go Jimmie go!

You are in to everything Jimmie. A few days ago your mommy pulled toilet paper (from out of the toilet- YUCK) out of your mouth. You tore a leaf off of one of her plants and tried to eat it. AND you got into the wood box and ate some dirt you found at the bottom. You are hard to keep up with little man!

You have started taking steps regularly this month. You still choose to crawl when you really want to get some where, but you are taking more and more steps in a row without falling over.

Jimmie I am really hoping this next month is a little easier for you. You have done very well handling sickness this winter, but it has been hard to see you progress and then get knocked backwards over and over. Especially with your eating and your weight gain. Most Micro-Preemies are hospitalized with sickness in the first year, sometimes numerous times. We feel very fortunate and grateful that this has not been the case with you. Jimmie you are an awesome little man. You have so much spunk and fight in you. I am so proud of you and inspired by your energy and your perseverance. You try try and try again. And you do so with an unbelievable will to conquer! You are my hero Jimmie!

I'll love you forever!
Auntie Amber


  1. Amber,
    that was a great post! Thank yo so much for being faithful to keep this journal for Rachael and Justin and Jimmie. It is truly a gift of love!
    Love you,
    Mom (Ma)

  2. Amber,
    Yes, thank you. I always look forward to his blog. I love the 1st picture of Jimmie. He looks so much like Rachael with the dimples. It would be fun if you could post a picture sometime of her at that age.
    Aunt Leanne

  3. I see Rachael in his dimples too! Good idea about finding a pic of Rach at that age. I forgot to talk about his babbling so I added that this morning.

  4. Ur so cute jimmie n u have come along way from wen u were 1st born i really admire ur courage n will to fight...I had a little girl will be 6 yrs ago on 24 June but i had her 2 early n she passed away lived for a couple of hrs she was 10.5oz born n 4 mnths early i miss her every day but i knw she is down watching over me n that gives me comfort...So u keep fighting little man :)