Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Jimmie- Happy 5 month Birthday

Dear Jimmie,

Happy 5 month Birthday!

This is you right after you were born.

This is you at 1 month.

This is you at 2 months

This is you at 3 months!

This is you at 4 months!

And this is you today!

Look at how you have grown next to your Rottweiler Puppy!

And look how you've grown in your father's hands!

You have gained 15 ounces. You are 7lbs 9oz.

You have grown a 1/2 inch in length! You are 20 1/2 inches long!

Your head circumference has increased by 3/4 of an inch! Your head is 14 and 1/2 inches around.

You lungs are really amazing Jimmie! You are completely off all oxygen and monitors. We are so thankful for the breath of life you have had from the very beginning. Your lungs are phenomenal for a 24 weeker!

You have had a struggle this month with your eating. We are not sure what caused it or why, but you have seemed very uncomfortable when you are trying to breastfeed. You arch your back and scream and often suck for just a few minutes and then refuse any more. Because of this you have fallen off your growth curve and not gained weight like you should have. Your mommy has had many tears and fears for you, but she is keeping the faith and has found that taking a bottle is much less stressful for you. She is also able to add fortifier to your bottles and is working very hard and pumping fresh breast milk for every bottle you take. We are hoping and praying that you will start fattening up and be able to go back to the breast. You are such a fighter Jimmie. You are truly small, but mighty. I'm hoping to be able to say you are BIG and mighty someday.

You have 90 followers on your blog! (2 more than last time) And your Faithfulness Video Montage has been viewed 2,846 times! That's 527 views this month! Your "Jimmie's Wonderful World" montage has been viewed 392 times. That's 100 more than last month. Your blog has been viewed 6,614 times this month for a total of 19,990 hits! You have a lot of very cool people who love to check on your progress Jimmie.

You have gotten to get out and about a little more this month. You've visited Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt's after church one Sunday and your Great Uncle Kevin and Aunt Karen were there as well as Grandma Paula. Unfortunately your mom suffered a breast infection this month and needed lots of help so you spent a few nights at Grandpa and Grandma Gravitts. Your Great Grandma Paula was staying there too and got to have a lot of snuggle time with you.

You came to my house on Father's Day and spent the afternoon! Pa and Ma, Uncle Eric and (soon to be Aunt)Rachel, Evan and Nate, Cole, McKenna and Uncle David were all there too.

You also took your first stroller ride from my house down to Ma's!

Last night you visited your Great Aunt Sue. Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt were there too!

Grandma Gravitt loves you so much!

You also took your first trip to the Lake on the 4th of July!

You had a visit from the Best family and your cousins Cole and Mckenna. You seemed to like all of the kids and you sat like a big boy when we posed you all together on the couch.

You have started making some really funny faces this month as well! I got these hilarious pictures one day when I came to your house to visit.

This one reminds me so much of your daddy!

Jimmie I am so proud of you! Even though you have had some struggles and some pain this month with your eating you have been so brave and you try so hard! We are so grateful to God that you are taking the bottle well now and we are hopeful that next month you will have gained some major chunky monkey points! Your mommy loves you so much and is fighting for you the best she can. In order to help you eat like you need to- she gives you fresh breast milk and lets you take it from a bottle slowly over 30 or 40 minutes burping you often. Then she hold you upright carefully in her arms for another 30 or 40 minutes or else you'll puke a lot of your fought for milk. Then when she can finally put you down she spends 20 minutes pumping for your next feeding and then has about 30 or 40 minutes of free time before it's time to start all over again! She does this with a grateful and happy heart. All she wants is for you to be healthy, happy and strong!

I am so happy to finally be able to hold you and actually kiss your soft baby cheeks and tickle you and cuddle you close. You have such beautiful expressive eyes and I'm so happy they are healthy and that you can see your wonderful world. I know you will keep fighting like you always do Jimmie. God continues to bless you my little mighty hero!

I will love you forever!
Auntie Amber


  1. Happy Birthday, Jimmie! You are such an awesome little man!

  2. Happy Birthday Jimmie! You are such a handsome baby! You are getting to be a big boy know! Rachael and Justin you guys look so happy with Jimmie. We love you all!


  3. Great pictures--thanks for sharing them! Happy birthday, Jimmie!!! We all love all of you so much!!

    Adrian, Janelle, and kids

  4. What a five months it has been! Blessings to each one of you, and most of all, you Jimmie! Chunky monkey prayers.

  5. Love that thumbs up Jimmie's giving! He rocks.

  6. Can I get Jimmie's autograph? He's the cutest ever, and his parents and family are the best! Chunk it up!

  7. Love, love, LOVE the new pics. He is adorable. Will be praying for his eating. I am glad he's taking a bottle though. Hopefully that will help his weight gain. Blessings to all of you!!

  8. I wonder if reflux is an issue with your little Jimmie's feedings?! The arching of the back, spitting up and fussiness are tell tale signs of reflux. Talk to his pediatrician about Pepcid for infants and if that doesn't work, Prevacid 15 mg. I hope this helps your little miracle hold down his food better with less fussiness!