Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tablerock Lake And Feeding Issues

The Gravitt's had a good time at the lake. I was mistaken in my last post when I said it was the Lake Of The Ozarks. It's actually Tablerock Lake.

Grandma Kathy watched Jimmie while Rachael and Justin had a blast water skiing!

Rachael and Justin were thrilled to take Jimmie on his first little vacation. His first visit of what will be many fun weekends throughout his childhood to Tablerock Lake and the Gravitt vacation home!

Overall the last few days have been emotional and stressful for Rachael. At times Jimmie has just refused to breastfeed. Most of the time he can be made to take a bottle though. It was really upsetting for Rachael to think that breastfeeding may not be working. She had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday when she discovered that Jimmie was more likely to take the breast if she held him in a position that was more upright. That is how they give Jimmie his bottles so it occurred to her that maybe his discomfort was a positional thing. This new approach seems to be helping so keep praying that this works for Jimmie. Rachael has been in tears and just so discouraged and frustrated about this whole issue.

The good thing is Jimmie has an appointment with his Neonatologist tomorrow and he has a session with his Occupational Therapist on Friday. Rachael is looking forward to addressing his feeding issues with both of these professionals and hoping to get some insight and some advice. We are really hoping that Jimmie has gained sufficiently at his weight check tomorrow too. That would at least be reassuring that he is being well nourished.

We thank you so much for your continued care and prayers!



  1. i will pray that jimmie and rachael can get back into a rhythm with the breastfeeding. will keep praying those chunky monkey prayers for sure. glad you guys had fun at the lake!

  2. Looks like a good time! Yay for vacations!!

    We'll keep praying. Why don't babies know that they're not supposed to be so particular? =)

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and janelle

  3. I LOVE the family picture! Hope everything goes well at the appts and she gets some useful advice. He's looking great!!!!!!

  4. I know you don't know me, but my little Drayton has been really stubbern when it comes to breastfeeding. He's stubbern in a lot of ways. I've had tears over it too. Don't give up! You are a very determined mommy. Drayton's now 8.5 months and we have a very good nursing relationship. But we've had many hills to climb. I've been to the breastfeeding meetings at Shawnee Mission. They meet every Tuesday morning at 10am. I think Centerpoint has group meetings as well. You might look into it for support. I'm Jill Pulliam (Patty Lewis knows me). Keep up the good mommy work. PS-love the wrap you have Jimmy in! I carried Drayton all the time in it. He needed it!

  5. Jimmie looks wonderful! Hope you all had a great time, vacations are so fantastic! We'll pray for the best!
    P.S. The pictures are great!

  6. Hi! I had a hard time breastfeeding Josie after she got bottles in the NICU. Is Rachael going to any breastfeeding classes or talking to a lactation consultant? I know that I felt so alone and frustrated during that time and should have utilized that resource. I know that sometimes the consultants can really almost stress people out more, but maybe joining a group or something where she has support and encouragment. As others have suggested, she is doing great and is very determined. Keep it up! When he takes the breast great, if he needs a bottle until he gets bigger at some feedings then great.

    Because I felt so lonely in the process, I ended up giving up breastfeeding altogether and really wished I hadn't. I think if I just would have kept going, it would have eventually worked out. Bottom line, Rachael needs to do what she and Justin thinks is best for little Jimmie and we should not judge what that will be. I know with breastfeeding everyone has their opinions but with preemies, life is just different.

    Well I rambled on enought. Way to go Rachael and thank you Amber for keeping us all updated!

    Allison Dull

  7. There is no right way or wrong way. It's just what works. Every kiddo is different. And sometimes it's hard to figure out what works best. Just don't give up. Rachael, know that as a mom, you will know what's right. I was so lucky with boy-girl twins to have a doctor who was quick to point out that they would always be different. You cannot compare Jimmie to anyone else. He is, just Jimmie. But it looks like the outing to Table Rock was good for all, and that is a blessing. Trust your gut instincts. They are almost always on target. Rachael and Justin, you haven't gotten this far without being intuitive to his needs.

    Amber, I am so blessed to be a part of this journey because you set up this blog. All of you are such a reminder of His greater plan for all of us. I was looking at one of those first pics of Jimmie whose arms were tinier than Justin's fingers. How far he has come. Each one of you is a living testimony to faith. And I am grateful. God is good.