Saturday, May 30, 2009

6 Pounds Acceptable

Jimmie weighs 6 pounds! He is gaining. He is near the bottom of acceptable, but still in the acceptable category. I think he's doing great!!!

He had his first visit from a developmental therapist today. Rachael basically just answered a bunch of questions. The therapist thinks Jimmie is doing great. He is basically at a developmental age of 1 1/2 to 2 months old. This is ahead of the game because his due date was just a couple of days ago. The only thing that wasn't up to that level is his eyes. He doesn't track faces yet. Last eye check his eyes were still zone 3 which means they were not completely mature yet. Anyway Rachael has some exercises that she will be doing with him related to that. Black on white and white on black pictures for him to look at etc... The therapist recommended for now that Jimmie be visited by an Occupational Therapist once a month- so that's the plan.

Rachael woke up the other night to find Jimmie's oxygen nasal cannula in his mouth. She has no idea how long it had been that way. His sat monitor showed him as satting at 95% even with the cannula in his mouth- that's really exciting! So Rachael will be talking with the Neonatologist about the process of weaning Jimmie's oxygen.

Great Grandpa and Grandma Hester (my Mom's parents) went out to visit Jimmie today for the first time since he came home. They are so overcome and overwhelmed by Jimmie's journey that there are tears every time they see him. It's so precious to see how happy they are that Jimmie is thriving. They don't have a computer so they are not able to keep up with the blog, but my mom keeps them updated.

Rachael sent a video of Jimmie mad about his "tummy time". Due to some computer issues though it'll be a few days before I can post it. It's so cute though!

Thank you for your care and prayers!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 40 weeks!

Today is Jimmie's due date. TODAY is Jimmie's due date!!!! I had to write it twice because it is so freaking unbelievable. Birthday- Feb. 11th. Due Date- May 28th. Jimmie was born 107 days before he was due, 15 weeks early in the 6th month of pregnancy (the 2nd trimester). We are beyond blessed that he is alive, well and living at home.

Thinking about where we've been there are a lot of feelings, emotions and memories that come up from that day/night in early January when the terrible situation became clear and began progressing. I have found myself reminiscing a lot the last few weeks with mom. Going back through the traumatic moments and just talking about it. It does not feel good to go there, but it does a lot of good in the long run. I always make sure to see "the cross" in those dark memories. To cover them with the blood of Jesus. Ultimately I have faith there will be peace and healing. The miraculous outcome we have had goes a LONG way towards that healing.

It still hurts though. The darkest moment for me was that first night we found out how dire the situation was. There are obviously many many aspects of this journey we've been on that I have not blogged about. Mostly just because- especially in the beginning I was just laying out the facts. And also because in certain situations it was just too much to try to write about it. Beyond words really. I think in the future I'll have more coherent memories that I could list. Much like I did a year after Gracie. It is very therapeutic for me to face these memories. I have discovered if I don't- I get physically ill.

I will tell you though that first night- the absolute gut wrenching pain and horror that it appeared that Justin and Rachael were losing another child after being told 6 days earlier that everything was perfect, was completely overwhelming. The thought that a perfectly healthy little boy might be forced out about 4 weeks too early to breathe was just horrifying. There were many many dark days and nights following that first one that I blogged about only vaguely. Maybe someday I'll share more specifics. It wouldn't be easy to read or write, but one of the truths in life is that your depths of sorrow are met with greater heights of joy. Going from that terrible despair to the amazing joyous miracles we have witnessed has been something that has changed me forever.

Now that Jimmie is 40 weeks our prayer and our hope is that he can develop like a normal newborn. That would be pretty special. Most micro-preemies have developmental delays even after you adjust their age. We are to look at Jimmie like a newborn even though he is 3 1/2 months old. As far as expectations go we are supposed to adjust his age by 15 weeks until he is 2 years old. In most ways he does seem just exactly like a newborn. He definitely does not resemble an almost 4 month old.

So pray for Jimmie that he'll stay healthy. This is SO IMPORTANT, as any kind of sickness can be extremely dire to babies like Jimmie. Also pray for his development and continue to pray your "chunky monkey fat prayers"!

As always- thank you!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Like Father Like Son

These are the funniest sweetest pictures! Rach will feed Jimmie in the morning and put him in bed with a half awake Justin for some Daddy snuggle time while she takes a shower or does laundry etc... When she checks on them she is met with this!

Hilarious! And oh so cute.


P.S. Make sure you click on the pictures so you can view them bigger and get a good look at little Jimmie. The last one is my fave!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hangin With Jimmie

Yesterday was a lot of fun! Everybody was healthy so we got to hang with Jimmie! Yeah!!!

Pa loungin with Jimmie

My daughter McKenna got to meet her cousin Jimmie yesterday for the first time!

I was really surprised at how sweet and excited she was. She didn't really show any jealousy and she was very gentle. She actually did a little happy dance when she first saw him and she cooed at him in a very sweet voice.

Cole was delighted to see him again too. Cole was also very sweet and amazingly careful and aware of Jimmie and his oxygen and especially the tubing that runs on the floor. He was meticulous about never stepping on it. We never even talked to him about it.

I- Auntie Amber- finally got to hold my little hero! Ahhhhhhhhh--- Heaven on earth! (-:

Angelic face. (-:

Someday Jimmie will be riding those shoulders.

Uncle Nate got to hold Jimmie too!

Grandpa Rod got a feisty Jimmie. How sad is this face?! Actually very funny!

We had good food and a wonderful day. My favorite part was holding Jimmie- of course!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jimmie's Namesake

Today was a special memorable day for the Gravitt family. Justin's Grandfather (Rod's Dad) is a Veteran buried in Floral Hills Cemetery where Veterans are honored with their own flag that is flown with thousands on Memorial Day. Once a year the flags literally line all of the the roads in the grave yard. We live just a mile or so away and it is a beautiful sight that we never miss. This year they retired James Gravitt's flag (along with 200 others) and engraved his name on the monument that is a permanent standing in that cemetery.

His first name is Martie, middle name is James. Everybody called him Jimmie- spelled "ie". (-:

This is the Great Grandfather that Jimmie is named after. A beautiful special day to have little Jimmie there honoring his namesake.

Rod Gravitt, Justin Gravitt and Jimmie Gravitt with Great Grandpa Jimmie's flag.

3 of the 5 Gravitt brothers.

Gracie (Rachael and Justin's firstborn) is buried at Great Grandpa Jimmie's feet. So they took flowers to Grandpa and Gracie today.

This was just so very special. The pictures are beautiful! They bring tears to my eyes. Thank you Lord for Great Grandpa Jimmie and his legacy.

Have a great Memorial Day!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Milk Coma

Rachael sent me this picture from her cell phone yesterday.

Jimmie all satiated after eating. She calls it his "Milk Coma".

So funny! Wow little man! You are working on a nice double chin there! Keep chunkin it up.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Relaxing Jimmie Style

Yesterday Ma held Jimmie for a few hours while Rachael filled out paperwork for "First Steps".

The lady was very positive about Jimmie's ability at such a young age to suck, swallow and breath. Many children born as early as Jimmie go home on a feeding tube. We understand that we are very lucky and we are blessed! And she commented that his muscle tone is good. Jimmie's muscle tone was commented on from the very beginning. Remember how impressed the doctor was that he could bend his elbows after he was born? And the "Small But Mighty" post with the video of him lifting and turning his head?! Go Jimmie go!

The great news today is that the home health nurse came and Jimmie's assessment went GREAT! He weighs . . . drum roll . . . 5 lbs 10 oz!!!!! He's gained 4 oz since Monday! Wooohooo!

Here's our little cutie- relaxing Jimmie style.

I can't wait to see Jimmie again. The last time was the night he came home. Pray my kiddos stay healthy and we'll get to go hang with Jimmie Monday! I'll get lots of pictures!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Virtual Baby Shower Celebration

Jimmie's tummy is doing better! Yeah!! We will be very curious to see what he weighs on Friday. Rachael is receiving a home visit tomorrow from a "First Steps Developmental Liaison". Rachael will fill out 2 hours of paperwork! My mom will be there to help with Jimmie. This "First Steps" program will provide specialized developmental therapist for Jimmie for pretty much anything you can think of. He is at risk for developmental delays and falls into such extreme categories that he qualifies for free. Hopefully he won't need it, but this will be something that becomes more apparent over time.

So my cousin Tiffany is an AWESOME photographer and she took close to 100 photos at the shower. There were so many good ones that I just threw almost all of them into a montage. I didn't edit any of it, but it's really fun to watch! If you were not at the shower you'll feel like you were there after watching this. Enjoy this "virtual baby shower celebration". (-: Thank you so much Tiffany!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tummy Troubles

Jimmie is kind of having an off day with his tummy. He's thrown up a few times after he's eaten and doesn't act that interested in his food. Rachael said he's not really acting sick in any other way though, so that's good. Babies do just have days like that normally, but it's just a bit more worrisome in Jimmie. Unfortunately when the home health nurse came yesterday she weighed Jimmie and he hadn't gained anymore weight since Friday. He was still 5 lbs 6 oz. So pray for his tummy and pray your chunky monkey prayers. Jimmie will be weighed again on Friday by his nurse and we are hoping for some good weight gain.

I'll post an update again tomorrow with some pictures my cousin Tiffany took from the shower.

Thank you for your prayers!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jimmie's Wonderful World

The baby shower today for Rachael, Jimmie and Justin was "hands down" the BEST shower I have ever been to. (-: I am a little biased, but seriously. It was such a celebration. It was emotional, but they were tears of joy and amazement. It was so touching to see everyone (family and friends) who came that has been praying for Jimmie.

We brought that puppy that we've been taking Jimmie's picture with. Everyone was SHOCKED at how tiny it was. It is impossible to get perspective in a picture. No matter what you do your brain and eye compensate and you just don't get the reality.

Karen (Justin's aunt) spoke very sweetly and movingly about the 3 months that Justin and Rachael lived with her and Kevin (husband) while Jimmie was in the NICU.

I showed the new montage I made. Rachael has led the way with such a positive attitude about Jimmie and what they've gone through. It would be easy to feel sorry for yourself and your child in that situation, but Rachael has put forth a valiant effort to not be that way. Her attitude has been one of thankfulness and hope for Jimmie. I cannot possibly overstate how exceptional and miraculous Jimmie's journey was in the NICU. That is what inspired this montage. We could focus on the hard stuff and how traumatic this whole thing has been, but we choose instead to follow Rachael's lead and rejoice and give thanks for the amazing miracle that is Jimmie.

So here is Jimmie's Wonderful World!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jimmie Poutin

Yesterday the home health nurse came out and looked Jimmie over and weighed him. Her assessment went great and he weighs 5 lbs 6 ozs!!! Go Jimmie go!! (-: This is very encouraging to Rachael because she knows all of her efforts in feeding are making a difference. Jimmie will be turning into a chunky monkey, soon- I think. (-:

Rachael is also going to try to get the Neonatologist to take him off the brady and apnea monitor and just leave him on the sat monitor at night. Jimmie has not had one spell since he's been home and he was very rarely having them in the NICU. It would be so nice to have him attached to only oxygen.

Rachael said it has been so nice to be home, sleeping in their own bed and cooking in their own kitchen. Justin has taken the week off from the fire station and has just been doing some outdoor projects at home. Rachael said everything is going really well. Jimmie sleeps fairly well at night and so do they. She gets up a few times a night to feed him, but she's not too tired, so that's wonderful! They have had some issues with leads coming loose and monitors false alarming which is jarring and annoying, but at least it's a false alarm and Jimmie is doing awesome!

Rachael took this picture with her cell phone and texted it to me today. She called it, "Jimmie Poutin". Work that bottom lip Jimmie!

I'll see some of you tomorrow at the baby shower!


P.S. Tomorrow at some point I will post a new montage I made in honor of Jimmie coming home. You guys will love it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life Is Good

Jimmie had an eye exam today to follow up on his ROP. The Doctor's exact words were, "WOW! His eyes look great!!" So yet another miracle for Jimmie. His eye Doctor will see him back in 3 weeks just for good measure, but he is almost positive Jimmie won't need anything done for his eyes. Rachael and Justin are THRILLED at this news. My mom has been doing lots of Ki Method sequences for his eyes this past month so she is very encouraged and excited! Thank you Lord!

Messing with his cannula placement

Tummy Time

Ma and Jimmie

Chris and Sheila- they threw the shower the other day for our dance family! It was awesome you guys, Thank you!

We had an awesome turnout! We love you all.

Very yummy, very cute cake from Sandra!

The trohpy says "Super Star Jimmie"!

Life is good. (-: