Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jimmie's Wonderful World

The baby shower today for Rachael, Jimmie and Justin was "hands down" the BEST shower I have ever been to. (-: I am a little biased, but seriously. It was such a celebration. It was emotional, but they were tears of joy and amazement. It was so touching to see everyone (family and friends) who came that has been praying for Jimmie.

We brought that puppy that we've been taking Jimmie's picture with. Everyone was SHOCKED at how tiny it was. It is impossible to get perspective in a picture. No matter what you do your brain and eye compensate and you just don't get the reality.

Karen (Justin's aunt) spoke very sweetly and movingly about the 3 months that Justin and Rachael lived with her and Kevin (husband) while Jimmie was in the NICU.

I showed the new montage I made. Rachael has led the way with such a positive attitude about Jimmie and what they've gone through. It would be easy to feel sorry for yourself and your child in that situation, but Rachael has put forth a valiant effort to not be that way. Her attitude has been one of thankfulness and hope for Jimmie. I cannot possibly overstate how exceptional and miraculous Jimmie's journey was in the NICU. That is what inspired this montage. We could focus on the hard stuff and how traumatic this whole thing has been, but we choose instead to follow Rachael's lead and rejoice and give thanks for the amazing miracle that is Jimmie.

So here is Jimmie's Wonderful World!



  1. I agree Amber. It WAS a wonderful shower today! I loved seeing everybody. You're right--I was totally amazed by how tiny that stuffed puppy was. And thanks for the prize, too. We were enjoying your dad's CD in the car (we love it, by the way), along with those delicious cookies (we loved those, too!). =)

    And it was so wonderful to see Jimmie today! He's gorgeous. I wanted to sink my lips into those cheeks so badly I couldn't see straight!

    Rachael, I forgot to tell you that I made that soap just last night, so it might be a little bit soft and still bleeding out oils a bit. You can start using it immediately if you want, but you might want to unwrap all the bars and set the ones you aren't using out for a couple of days to dry more. I'm sorry that Sofi has ended up sick tonight, and that she hugged you today. I'm praying that the Lord put a barrier between her germs and Jimmie.

    Amber, you did great with the videos. I can't watch either one without crying all over again.

    Anyway, I think that's everything.

    We love you all so much!!!

  2. I wish that I could have been at the shower today. I was thinking about you guys all day! Jimmie's present is coming soon, I am sorry that it will be know me, I never get anything in the mail on time!!! I love you all and the new montage is excellent Amber!!

  3. What a Wonderful World...Indeed!!! I think President Obama should watch this. May God continue to bless this beautiful family!

  4. What a wonderful World for Jimmie is right. We are still praying for all of you. We also love everyone of you. Keep Growing Jimmie!!

    O'Kelley Family

  5. That video is awesome it gave me shivers! I pray for him everyday and will continue to do so!!

  6. We're glad the shower went well, and are praying for Jimmie, and his family. We can't wait to see him some day! Thank you, Jesus, thank you.
    -Mary Gates & Family

  7. I apologize for not being able to make it to the shower. The montage was awesome! I loved that there were some pictures in there that you had never posted. A great surprise! We send lots of love and prayers!

  8. Jimmie's journey is NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE! I want to meet this little strong man in person...sometimes...when he is ready for some new friends...Amber, the video is beautiful, you are soooo brought tears to my eyes!Love,

  9. I watch that and am amazed! It is apparent that God was watching over Jimmie and had his hand on him the entire time in order for him to improve like he did and not have any problems! Continuing to pray for him!!!!! What a wonderful journey!

  10. Amber the montage is beautiful. Jimmie your story is nothing short of a miracle. Jimmie, Rachael and Justin my prayers will continue for you.

  11. Fine, make me cry.....AGAIN!!!!

    Michelle M

  12. Amber, this montage is absolutely beautiful and so full of His divine love. Thanks for blessing all of us. Prayers continue!