Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Shower Joy

The baby shower today was so special. I didn't realize how emotional it would be. I think most of us had happy tears. I know I did a few times. There was so much joy to finally be preparing in this way for Rachael and Justin to take their baby home. I wish I'd have taken pictures. I'm sure someone did. Hopefully . . . My son Cole was so precious. He was just overjoyed and delighted at each gift Rachael opened up. He was so thrilled for Jimmie that he would just laugh and laugh. It was the cutest sweetest thing. When everyone passed the gifts around he was very concerned and protective of Jimmie's things. (-: I CANNOT WAIT for Cole to meet him.

Well- I spoke too soon about Jimmie taking all of his feeds by mouth. Today he's slacked off and had to be supplemented at every feed. Rachael doesn't like inconsistency and isn't too pleased. 0-: I asked if she was going to give Jimmie a "talking to", but she said no- because she didn't want to make him feel bad. (-:

Jimmie did gain a respectable 30 grams yesterday though and is now 4lbs 11oz!

Now Jimmie-- you've got to take all of your feeds by mouth AND gain. You've got to do both of those things consistently and THEN you have no idea the awesome thing that will happen for you! You will LOVE HOME! So come on Jimmie lets "step it up"! Be consistent little man! (-: There- I just gave him a "talking to"!

I hope it doesn't rain on the March For Babies in the morning, but I'll walk no matter what. I'm looking so forward to seeing you all who are coming!

This is why I'm walking!



  1. Remember that babies in the womb gain about half a pound a week that last month of pregnancy. They don't even have to work at it. I think he is gaining respectably, even if it is not as much as they had hoped! He will get the hang of it, I just know it. Look at how far that little man has come! Go, Jimmie! Blessings and prayers.

  2. You are right (whoever you are)! Jimmie is working so hard and doing so awesome! He's our SUPERSTAR! (-:

  3. Love the picture with his tongue sticking out! That's adorable :)

    Praying that he'll get the hang of it soon...he's progressing very quickly and he'll get it soon! He just needed alittle break today :)

  4. I really missed seeing you all today. Mama told me all about it, and it made me wish even more that we could've come. But you all don't want our sick germs. =)

    We love you all so much!!!

  5. Such sweet pics! Praying for a good walk! We love ya Jimmie!
    -Mart Gates & Family

  6. Go, Jimmie, Go!! He is really becoming a chubba, bubba!! Ha Ha. We are continually praying for peace and strength! Thank you, Amber for doing this blog! It is so nice to be able to see and hear about our little fighter.
    Much love

  7. He is SOOOOOOO cute.