Friday, May 1, 2009

Grow Jimmie Grow

Here is some final March For Babies information for those of you who are coming out on Sunday:

Get ready to walk!

The Greater Kansas City March for Babies will take place Sunday rain or shine.

8-9:30 a.m. Registration/check-in
Turn in funds and get everything you need to walk. Don't miss entertainment by Radio Disney's Rockin' Road Crew at the Kansas City Live stage! Breakfast and coffee will also be served.

Go to the Family Teams tent and that is where Jimmie's Team will be congregating.

9:30 a.m. Opening ceremonies at the KC Live Stage

10 a.m. March for Babies begins at the corner of Walnut St. & E. Truman Rd.

After the walk when you return, enjoy lunch generously donated by Cosentino’s and live entertainment by Parachute Adams. Stroll through Baby Boulevard and check out the Kids’ Area for bounce houses, carnival games, arts and crafts and more!

Where to park???

In addition to street parking, three garages will offer complimentary parking for March for Babies:

Power & Light District Garage – entrance on 13th between Grand and Walnut.
H&R Block Garage - entrance on Main between 13th & 14th and on Walnut between 13th & 14th

Cosentino's and Midland Theater Garage - entrance on Main between 12th & 13th and on Walnut between 12th & 13th

The Town Pavilion Garage at 13th and Grand will be available for overflow parking but will charge $5 per car on May 3. Please note: Grand will be closed in front of the Sprint Center between 13th and E. Truman (15th). March for Babies 1-mile and 3-mile routes will begin at the intersection of Walnut and E. Truman and continue along Main and Grand between 13th and 19th. Walnut and Main in this area may be closed from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 3.

Can my dog March for Babies?

Yes, well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcomed to join us. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animal at all times and will be asked to utilize a designated area at the district for doggie breaks. Dogs are not allowed in the food service area.

I am excited to see everyone who is planning to walk and excited that Rachael and Justin will be there!

Jimmie is taking all of his feeds by mouth now! Yeah! He needs to show he can keep it up and that he can gain weight and then he'll be able to go home. Do you think he can do that in 8 days? Because Mother's Day is next Sunday. How totally unbelievably amazing would that be if Rachael could take her baby home on that day! They often do check out on Sundays. I don't know, that's a pretty tall order for Jimmie. Regardless it'll happen soon and Rachael will probably be treated like a queen in the NICU on Mother's Day if they are still there.

Jimmie gained about 14 grams. That puts him right at 4lbs 10oz. He needs to be gaining "at least" 20 grams a day. Grow Jimmie grow!

He is down to .3 liters of flow now in his cannula. And he at about 35% oxygen today. He's doing really well, but as of right now it looks like he'll probably go home on oxygen. We'll see though.

Rachael and Justin's church is throwing her a baby shower tomorrow morning! Rachael's first shower, what an awesome moment for her!! Praise God.

And now I leave you with some major cuteness! Rachael getting Jimmie ready for bed last night. Thanks Dad for the pictures. I've saved a few more for tomorrows post. (-:



  1. I wish I could be there with you guys tomorrow but I'll be thinking of all of you! Those pics of Jimmie are adorable and how great it is that he's taking all his feeds by mouth!!!!! Yay!!! Is Rachel going to start blogging about Jimmie's life once he gets home?

    Praying for those fat pounds :)

  2. Sending chunky monkey prayers heavenward tonight. We think of you and pray for you often. God bless you and give you strength, courage, and peace.

    The Tandys

  3. Oh Jimmie you take our breath away! You are such a BIG BOY and we are so proud of you! We are agreeing with the chunky monkey prayers, and you are doing such a great job Jimmie.....and Rachael and Justin! Lord keep shining your light on all of them and may your kingdom come! Our confidence is in your faithfulness, Father! For you are good!

  4. Whenever Jimmie gets to go home will be an incredible day! I tear up just thinking about it. He has had such an amazing journey! Those pictures are great. Rachael, you are an amazing mother. I love you and am constantly inspired by your strength and love! Sending chunky monkey prayers Jimmie's way! You know, he's only an inch shorter than Maddy??? He's definitely becoming a big boy! Love you all so much!

  5. Soon and very soon you will be home with that precious little boy. We're praying for you!

  6. Wish I could make it to the shower today. Hosea's running a fever, so we won't be there. =(

    We're praying for the chunks so that he can go home soon!

    We love you!
    Adrian and Janelle

  7. Jimmie looks great!!! Awesome pics! Will keep praying for this sweet boy!!

  8. I think it is so wonderful that Justin and Rachael can be out there this morning to walk together. May our dear loving Father continue to bless their family and allow Jimmie to go home with his mommy and daddy soon.

    Michelle Micheal

  9. We are praying for the Best Mother's Day Ever for Rachael!
    God bless all of you,
    preemie mom in CA