Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jimmie's Namesake

Today was a special memorable day for the Gravitt family. Justin's Grandfather (Rod's Dad) is a Veteran buried in Floral Hills Cemetery where Veterans are honored with their own flag that is flown with thousands on Memorial Day. Once a year the flags literally line all of the the roads in the grave yard. We live just a mile or so away and it is a beautiful sight that we never miss. This year they retired James Gravitt's flag (along with 200 others) and engraved his name on the monument that is a permanent standing in that cemetery.

His first name is Martie, middle name is James. Everybody called him Jimmie- spelled "ie". (-:

This is the Great Grandfather that Jimmie is named after. A beautiful special day to have little Jimmie there honoring his namesake.

Rod Gravitt, Justin Gravitt and Jimmie Gravitt with Great Grandpa Jimmie's flag.

3 of the 5 Gravitt brothers.

Gracie (Rachael and Justin's firstborn) is buried at Great Grandpa Jimmie's feet. So they took flowers to Grandpa and Gracie today.

This was just so very special. The pictures are beautiful! They bring tears to my eyes. Thank you Lord for Great Grandpa Jimmie and his legacy.

Have a great Memorial Day!



  1. That is such a beautiful heart felt memorial.
    Jimmie looks great as do you both!
    A word of caution. The sun will burn Jimmie's skin so fast you won't even know it, a hat might be a good investment which will also shade his little eyes from the UVA UVB rays which damage the eye.

  2. I love that little Jimmie was able to go there and honor his namesake. So precious.

  3. It was fun to see you all yesterday. Jimmie's just cuter and cuter each time I see him. How is that even possible? I wish we had time to sit around and chat, but we were parked so far away, and we didn't want to have to walk all that way with all the kids while everyone was trying to drive away, so Adrian ran and got the van just before it ended--that's where we disappeared to. =)

    I can't believe they said Grandpa's name as Martel. How hard is it to read Martie? Weird.

    Lots of love,

  4. How great that Jimmie was out of the hospital just in time to attend the Memorial Day Celebration for Great-grandpa JImmie. God is an Awesome God!!!!

  5. Wow, It's so cool for Jimmie to be out-and-about! What a great way to spend Memorial Day. Jimmie keeps getting cuter, and our prayers are always with you guys!
    Love ya!
    -Mary Gates & Family