Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Have Been Up To! (By Jimmie Gravitt)

Alright folks, so now that it is cold and nasty outside I'm going to post about my summer. Tantie has been very busy with her new baby so Mommy is helpin me write this.

In June my Mom decided to leave me and Daddy home alone for 5 days. She went to visit Amy and her little boy "Jon Miguel" I call him "Denda". Here he is with Mom, he is pretty cute. I don't know if I like it when my Mom holds him though.

I had a great time with Daddy! We tore down this shed..
I helped by picking up all the rusty nails. Don't worry I was really really careful. I heard Daddy tell Mom on the phone "not to worry that he had me picking up tetanus filled nails". 0-: I don't know what that means but I had a good time helpin out.
Oh yeah, I also helped Daddy out on the ladder. I love climbing!! It was just us boys workin and hangin out. Then Mom got back and we had to clean the house. (I had a better time with Daddy) My 2 years old adjusted birthday party was coming up. It was a little later than my real adjusted birthday, but- oh well... (end of May was too crazy for a party) We had a huge group of people come out to my house.

My Mom said no gifts, I don't really understand why.. But everybody sang to me- which I LOVED!

And I got to blow out candles and eat cake and ice cream with practically all of my cousins from both sides of the family!
Mom said there was something like 60 people here!

Boy was it fun. Some people brought gifts anyway so don't feel too bad for me.

I was in a friends wedding in June. I was the ring bearer. My Mom kept shoving this pillow in my face and makin me carry it to Daddy. She said "I was practicing" whatever that means... I thought it was pretty funny to throw it. Mom didn't think so. The day of the wedding was hot and it was outside. I had to get all dressed up in a bow tie and everything. I thought I looked pretty darn cute.

I think I did a good job. Here you can watch the video of me.

I had a pukey on myself before we got the pictures taken. I had a little reflux. (hey it happens) Mom cleaned it up. She said something like "it figures".

In July we went down to Table Rock Lake. My Mom set up my crib in a closet. I thought it was really cool and cozy. I got to go swimming everyday, I love the "wawa" (I know its water but let me say it my way) I love the boat, although I say that I am scared- but I am just foolin everyone. I got to jump off the dock and everything.

We saw fireworks for the 4th of July.

Mom said I might be scared of the boom booms. I thought it was cool for a few minutes, but I wanted to see the cool train track we were parked by.

We also went to this "drive by Zoo". I saw this funny lookin goat.. Daddy said something about "Mom lookin like him." I don't see the resemblance. I may or may not have dropped my sippy cup out the window. I did get it back, only after the buffalo and donkey drank some. That may or may not have happened, I can't rightly say. (-:

I got to go to Vacation Bible School. It was at "khunkhun". (that's church for those of you who don't know my language)
My cousins "Cun" and "Min" ("Cole and Micky" come on guys keep up!) got to come with me.

I only got a few spankings. I guess you have to be pretty quiet for this kind of thing. We got to sing, hear a story, and do crafts for a whole week. It was really fun. One day we got to make a bandanna. Everyone kept callin me "hey dude?"

I'm pretty cute if I do say so myself.

In August we went to the state fair. I loved the cows and chickens.I think I am over my fear of birds. darn things you never know where they are going to go. We got to see a pig race...
...and I rode a wild stallion!
*Sigh* - Mom says to not tell fibs, so OK it was a little pony that walked in a circle. It seems everywhere I go people say something like, "oh what a cute tow head!" or "You have such beautiful blue eyes". I don't really know what it means, but my Mom always smiles and says, "thanks". I guess its a good thing. I have to say my favorite thing about the state fair was I got to climb on huge tractors. It was a fun day.

We went to Table Rock Lake. I learned how to kick my legs in the wawa (water) to get where I want to go.
I kept fallin asleep in that darn boat.

I went down a huge water slide.
It was fun. I also found a funny face I can do and make anyone laugh. I am just a regular ole comedian.

At the end of August I got to meet Denda for real! He is a real live person, not just on the computer. I even shared my toys and house with him. It was fun having him here.

Here we are at a Pizza place. I ate the sausage off of everyone's Pizza, boy was it good. Oh yeah, I was gettin tired so Daddy took me back to MeMe and Papa's for a nap. I was there, just not in this picture.

We went and watched my Pa play his guitar at Bebe's Lawn side Barbecue. Denda and his Mom and Dad joined us later. Here is a video, it was the first time I went out to see Pa play. I didn't know everybody liked to hear him play. I thought he just played for me.

So you see I had a very fun and busy summer. I'm lovin and livin life! My 3 year old birthday is comin up in just a few weeks. Can you believe that!?? Can't wait...

Jimmie Jim Jim