Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Jimmie - Happy 15th Month Birthday

Dear Jimmie,

Happy 15th Month Birthday!

This you right after you were born.

And this is you today!

Look at how you have grown next to your Rottweiler Puppy!

Look at how you've grown in your Father's hands!

Here is your special "Watch Me Grow" montage!

This month you have gained 10 oz. You are 15 lbs 11 oz. You have had a hard time gaining ground with your weight this month. You got sick and went backwards for a while.

You have gained 5/8 of an inch in length. You are 28 1/8 inches long.

You have gained 5/8 of inch in your head circumference. You are at 17 3/4.

You have 113 followers on your blog that's 2 more than last month.

Your "Faithfulness" Video Montage has been viewed 9,716 times. That's 815 times this month!

Your "Jimmie's Wonderful World" Montage has been viewed 834 times. And your "High Places" Video Montage has been viewed 484 times!

Your blog has been viewed 4,656 times this month for a total of 92,126 hits! You have a lot of very cool people who love to check on your progress Jimmie.

As far as your feeding situation goes, it is easily summed up; You do well when you are healthy! You do not eat well when you are sick. That is normal for anyone Jimmie, but the problem at this point is that you do not have the luxury of being normal because you are still so little that you have no back up resources to call upon. A day or two into sickness you start losing weight and you begin chilling for lack of body fat and your normal active energy is gone! So until you can build up your body fat to a place where you'll be ok to lose a little you'll have to keep that g-tube.

You did get sick this month and it did set you back quite a bit. Your mommy is giving you 2 tube feeds at night to try to help you catch back up again.

Your mommy is trying to be patient and just relax into this part of your journey. Having that g-tube is very helpful for you right now when you are sick.

The good news is that this month when you got sick although you did stop eating well you did *NOT* stop drinking- in fact you upped your liquid intake by mouth all on your own!! This is so awesome and such a normal thing to do. That made us very happy Jimmie! We are not worried about dehydration with you anymore. Praise God!

This month you have almost completely dispensed with crawling. You walk and even RUN everywhere! Whenever you are out in public you attract a lot of attention because it is not normal to see a baby so small running around like that. Your mommy gets a lot questions from strangers. Everyone is very polite and amazed though so it's fun. (-: You look older in face, you act older, but you are about the size of a 4 or 5 month old.

You are babbling, but you don't have any words yet. Your 1 year developmental birthday is in a couple of weeks and you'll begin some speech therapy after that.

This month you have been out and about a lot!!

You took your first trip to the Zoo! You wrote the cutest post EVER!

You had an awesome time . . .

Except for the birds! They scared you to death! I thought that was hilarious. Forgive me for laughing Jimme. (-:

We remembered and honored you sister Gracie on her birthday. I wrote out her story, perhaps you'll read it someday Jimmie.

You visited Branson/ Silver Dollar City and stayed at the house on Tablerock Lake! I finally have some fun pictures of that weekend so I'll let you write the next post about that Jimmie Jim Jim.

You got to take part in your first March For Babies with the March Of Dimes!

Your favorite part of the day was seeing all of the dogs. You LOVE dogs Jimmie.

Those dogs belonged to some nurses from Children's Mercy. They were totally AMAZED at you Jimmie. They asked questions and listened to your story. They were so delighted and in awe at how well you are doing.

A lot of friends and family came out to walk for you Jimmie.

This past Saturday you went to Independence to celebrate Harry S. Truman's birthday. Of course your daddy is fireman in Independence so he and his buddies got the truck out so you and your cousins could enjoy it.

You loved sitting with your daddy in the drivers seat.

You have attended 2 graduation parties this month as well!

On Mother's Day I posted some beautiful portraits of you and your mommy and daddy.

This is the picture your mommy gave me for Mother's Day! It will be on my wall as soon as I find a suitable frame.

Mother's Day was also the 1 year anniversary of your homecoming!

1 year ago Jimmie you were like a newborn when your mommy and daddy brought you home from the hospital. Although you were like a newborn you had been living outside of your mommie's tummy already for 88 days! You were so happy to be home Jimmie. It was so wonderful to be able to spend all day and all night in the presence of your mommy. When you lived at the hospital your mommy and daddy had to leave you and go sleep at Aunt Karen's house at night. Your mommy made sure she was with you every possible minute during the day, but it just wasn't possible to 100% be your caretaker. You have thrived at home just liked we hoped you would. This past year has been so wonderful Jimmie! You are amazing in every way. You are strong, curious, loving, feisty and sweet. I got to babysit you for the afternoon for the frst time yesterday and it was such a joy.

I love you so much Jimmie, always and forever,
Auntie Amber


  1. What great pictures! In the picture with Justin holding Jimmy upside down, it's like seeing a picture of Justin holding himself as a baby!!

    You're doing great, Jimmy! Keep on growing!

    We love you lots,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Congratulations JIMMY =)

  3. Jimmie, you don't know me (we don't even live in the same country!), but I've read every post in this blog, and I stand in awe of you, little man. You're awesome!! And you're good looking too... ;-)