Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Car Wreck

Jimmie was NOT in the car! Thank God!

Rachael and I had planned to work together on "Jimmie's trip to Branson" post tonight. Instead she will spend the evening at the hospital. Rachael was in a car wreck on her way home from the dance studio late this afternoon. Thank God Justin was off today and had stayed home with Jimmie.

It happened- literally around the corner from their house. She was in their little two door car coming around a nasty blind curve and some lady going the other direction crossed the center line and they had a partial head on collision. Rachael was able to swerve some so it wasn't a full head on crash. Justin was able to drive their car around the corner home, but the other lady's car is not drivable.

Rachael had her seat belt on and has whiplash and a very painful swollen ankle. She is on her way now to get x-rays. Rod is now at the house with Jimmie and Kathy is on her way. They will be with Jimmie until Rach and Justin get back from the hospital.

We are not sure if the other lady got a ticket or not, but the cop did observe the signs that corroborated Rachael's version of the wreck. In other words- it was not Rachael's fault.

Please pray for Rachael and the other lady. Pray that Rachael's ankle is not broken and that the whiplash won't be bad.

Also today our grandma (my mom's mom) is in the hospital. She had an episode this morning and it's possible she's had a mild stroke or heart attack. She is stable and under observation. Perhaps you'll say a prayer for her as well.

It's been a stressful day.



  1. Praying for all the needs tonight. Praising God it wasn't worse.


  2. Holding you all close in prayer.

  3. Keeping you in our prayers. Hope you feel better Rachael.

    April O'Kelley

  4. Make sure if the base to Jimmie's car seat was in the car that it is replaced!!!

    Heather E

  5. We are also praying for everyone involved!!! Hope she feels better soon!

    Heather E