Monday, May 24, 2010


Oh dear . . .

Jimmie had a rough morning- poor thing. Rachael tended to him sometime around 3am and everything with his g-tube was fine. 3 hours later at 6am Rachael discovered the whole thing had been pulled out of his stomach and he had a hole where it was, but that hole was rapidly closing. Justin came home from work and they both tried to reinsert it how they had been taught, but it was already too closed.

So they went as quickly as they could to the Children's Mercy ER. We were definitely in a panic about the possibility of another surgery if the hole was not salvageable. As it is Jimmie has a fever and a sore throat. This was just horrible timing. Rach and Justin are both sick and Rachael still cannot walk on her foot very well. Stress stress stress!!!

"All's well that ends well" I guess. They were able to dilate his stoma and reinsert the g-tube. It was a bit traumatic. They basically had to put a metal rod in and then move it around to open it back up. They had to hold Jimmie down screaming during the procedure. NOT FUN!

Poor poor baby. He's such a trooper though. I saw him briefly at my moms and he was taking a few bites for lunch and walking around cutely. Uncle Nate took some pictures . . .

As you can see the poor little guy was pretty sober. The g-tube trauma on top of feeling ill made for a pathetic little boy.

Prayers would be appreciated. A bunch of little stresses are adding up this last week.


P.S. I just posted the fun post below about Jimmie's trip to Branson! Don't miss it! (-:


  1. Awww poor jimmi i hope u get better soon little man u certainly don't need this on top of being sick n i hope ur family all come rite soon...

  2. Poor Jimmie!! That made me tear up just thinking about it! We will certainly pray for everyone. I hope you guys feel better soon. Love you and miss you!

  3. oh Jimmie! my heart hurts for you and your parents - and of course your wonderful Auntie! Feel better soon love. Those eyes - those wise and piercing eyes have seen and endured far too much in far too short a time...hang in there! Happy healthy thoughts your way!

  4. oh, having said that, I love your sequins!- such sparklies always make me feel better...

  5. God Bless this beautiful little man. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty today. Praying, as always...