Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Developmental Birthday Jimmie!

Today is Rachael's due date! So Jimmie is now 1 year old developmentally! It's been 3 1/2 months since his actual birthday! That blows my mind. It did last year too.

Birthday- Feb. 11th. Due Date- May 28th. Jimmie was born 107 days before he was due, 15 weeks early in the 6th month of pregnancy.

He is our Rock Star, He is my hero! He is truly an amazing little man.

Uncle Nate took these pictures a few weeks ago . . .

Jimmie's development is nothing short of amazing. He is doing awesome physically with his motor skills and he's also on track with his language comprehension.

Last night Jimmie was wandering around whining and tired, Rachael was sitting on the couch. She told Jimmie, "Ok... go get your blanket and come here to mama.." He loves to cuddle with his favorite blanket before bed. He looked at her and then walked over to the corner to where his blanket was. He would have picked it up and come over to be lifted up on the couch if it were not for Rachael's old cat Misty. She had curled up and fallen asleep on Jimmie's blanket. Jimmie was trying to work out how to get his blanket without getting scratched when Rachael came to his rescue.

He also understood Rachael yesterday when she asked him, "Jimmie where's daddy?" He walked over to the door leading to the garage where Justin was and tapped the door.

Jimmie is also signing "more" while saying "sum" .. Rachael always says, "You want "some" more Jimmie?" So he's saying, "sum" whenever he wants more. So cute. Jimmie is in speech therapy now twice a month with First Steps. His therapist feels he's doing great.

Over all, developmentally, Jimmie is more on target with his actual birthday than his due date. He acts more like a 15 1/2 month old than a 12 month old. This is more than we could have ever hoped for him! Praise God, praise His love!

Go Jimmie go!



  1. great pics! And yes, we are so very grateful about Jimmie's progress! Amber, thank you again for keeping this blog for Jimmie.

  2. What a cutie! Yay for talking!! Hopefully for your sakes he'll learn that talking gets him what he wants more than high-pitched screaming... HaHaHaHa

    Love you all!!
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Look at that face! Got to kiss it, I think!

  4. Oh My Goodness. He is so darn cute!!!

    April O'Kelley

  5. Wish I could smother Jimmie with kisses! He is so cute and so loveable. And I am so grateful to Him that Jimmie is so incredibly normal. God is good and blessings abound.


  6. I finally got through Jimmie's entire story. What an amazing little boy and what an amazing mother he has.