Thursday, May 7, 2009

Amazing Miraculous Beautiful News

This is the best blog post EVER! I have the most amazing, miraculous, beautiful news!!!! Jimmie will be home for Mother's Day! The Doctor set a discharge date for this Saturday, May 9th! I am in awe. I almost started crying happy tears when Rachael called me with the news, but I was at the studio teaching. 0-:

Jimmie weighs 5 pounds on the nose today! Wooohooo Go Jimmie go! Thank you to both of the preemie moms who commented with encouragement and suggestions about the breast feeding and weight gain. Rachael is grateful for words from Mom's who have "been there done that".

Tomorrow Rachael and Justin will be receiving monitor training. This will teach them how to use all of the medical equipment Jimmie will be coming home on. This will include- oxygen, apnea monitor and a brady monitor. Tomorrow night they hope to room in with Jimmie. Pray there is a room available for them to be able to do that. And then later in the day on Saturday Rachael and Justin will walk out of the hospital with their baby. Praise God!

NP Susan from Anepartum (the untit Rach was in on bedrest) came up to the NICU to see Rachael and Jimmie today. She brought a card signed by a bunch of special people down in Antepartum who helped take care of Rachael during her month of bedrest. Rachael took a picture of her with Jimmie and Susan asked Rachael to be on a "short list" of Mothers from Antepartum. She would be volunteering to answer questions and offer words of encouragement. Rachael is honored to be asked. Rachael is so thankful for Susan's care for her and Jimmie. I remember Susan leaving the night Rachael was in labor with Jimmie. She was so burdened and concerned for her and hoping so hard for her labor to stop. I remember she said if it were any other night she would stay, but she had to get home to her kiddos because her husband had to work. It is people like Susan that make such a difference to patients in a very hard situation.

Carolyn- Rachael and Jimmie's nurse of choice- who hasn't been assigned to Jimmie for weeks, came in today as well. Rachael took her picture with Jimmie. I can't wait to get my hands on these pictures!

Next week is already full of Doctor's visits for Jimmie. He will be visited by an in home neonatal nurse twice a week for 2 weeks and then once a week for 2 weeks. The nurse will weigh Jimmie, check his sats and do an overall assessment. Jimmie also has an appointment with his pediatrician and another eye exam next week as well.

What a victory we have participated in for Jimmie, Justin and Rachael. Keep praying for Jimmie that he does stay on track to be discharged. You guys are all so awesome with your care and prayers! I am just so amazed that Jimmie really is going home 3 weeks before his due date. That is a HUGE accomplishent for a 24 weeker. God has blessed you little man- you truly are Small but Mighty!

With love and much excitement!!!!


  1. WOW!!!! Thank you, Lord! That is the most wonderful news! AMEN!!!!

  2. WOW!!!!!! WHAT WONDERFUL AMAZING GREAT NEWS!!!! So happy for all of you and praying for Jimmie!!! Can't wait to see those going home pics!

  3. How EXCITING it is to hear he has a discharge date!! Could Mother's Day be any better? It will be neat to hear what happens and how much he continues to change once they are home. It has truly been inspiring to see the power of prayer in action! I will continue to pray that Jimmie does well at home and continues to gain weight. CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!

    Take care,

    Jennifer Russell

  4. EEEKKK!!!! Oh how exciting!! I know the monitors and oxygen can be intimidating at first - but it really becomes "old hat" soon. Or maybe Jimmie won't even be on it long enough for Rachel and Justin to get used to it!!

    Wonderful, wonderful news. I can't wait to see the coming home pictures!! :)

    Take care,

  5. YAY!!!! Hallelujah!!!! REJOICE in the Lord always and again I say REJOICE!!!!! We are soooo thrilled about this awesome news, and what timing! What a blessing for the most amazing momma! Lord just continue to shine your light upon the entire family as they prepare for this new and good transition. Help them all to do well! love you!

  6. every time i have thought about this today, it has made me cry tears of joy. what a journey it has been, and will continue to be. it's just wonderful that it will be at home now. i am so happy for both of you! praise God! the power of touch and prayer is a marvelous thing!
    love you!

  7. A HUGE and joyful "WOOOOOHOOOOO" from Canada....Thank you, Lord! Love from mimi

  8. YES,YES,YES!!!So happy for you JIMMIE, RACHEL, JUSTIN! It will be an absolutely unforgotable mother's day for your little precious family:) I think i only posted 2x here but want you to know that i never missed a day reading about Jimmie and praying for him and you guys(except when i was giving birth to our 2nd baby on March 8th ;)...i just don't go to bed without knowing how jimmie is doing and this morning I prayed that he would be 5 lb today and he made it!!! What an incredible little man. And super cute too!!! I think he looks a lot like you Rachel ;). Amber - you too are absolutely incredible with the blog info!!! What an aunty jimmie has!Thanks for all that you do! Looking forward to another exciting news about Jimmie. Blessings to you all, Misha and family

  9. "Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor shown us in answer to the prayers of many." 2 Corinthians 1:11

    So many are are rejoicing with you today and praising our great God for His amazing love and grace poured out on sweet Jimmie! What a lovely gift to be going home for Mother's Day :)

    Jennifer and Hannah

  10. Thank you, Jesus!!

    We are so happy and excited for you guys!! Happy Mother's Day weekend! We'll keep praying for you all.

    Lots and lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  11. Yeah...I am so excited for you guys!!! Congrats...I can't imagine having him there for Mother's Day Morning as his first morning home!!!


  12. Praise GOD! All things for God's purpose, even when we can't see it, right? When things are easy, it is easy to forget God but when things are really hard ..... to Him goes the glory!!


  13. Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise Jesus! You're going home Jimmie, home sweet home.
    -Mary Gates & Family

  14. Rachael and Amber,
    I have been following your remarkable journey all of these months.God has truly given you a wonderful gift, and I have greatly admired your strength. Rachael and Justin, may God continue to bless you and your beautiful little Jimmie. Amber, your dedication to this blog is wonderful, thank you. My prayers and thoughts will remain with you!
    Vicky Shrader OKC, OK
    Mother to Jennifer and Pink Grandma to Hannah

  15. Good Jod jimmie.I hope to see you some time.
    we love you.


  16. I just tear up thinking that Jimmie will be home TOMORROW! I am so, so happy for this family. Happy Mother's Day!

  17. Praise our Dear Lord! He is so awesome! Great Uncle Lin and I are so excited! Tears of awesome joy are streaming down my face, to know that it is actually happening!!!
    We can't wait to meet this most precious little man.

    Love you all so much,
    Great Aunt Suzy and Uncle Lin

  18. We are amazed at this answer to so many prayers!
    What a bright future for Jimmie with his family where he is so loved and wanted! You will have some special stories to tell him of God's mercy and goodness through the first few months of his life.

    Happy Mother's Day Rachael!

    Denise and Shannon F.