Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No More Feeding Tube!

No "going home" date yet. Jimmie gained 30 grams and is now 4lbs 14oz!

Today's victory is that they took his NG tube out and hopefully it'll stay out! Go Jimmie go! Woohooo!

He is starting to act like a normal baby now with his feeds. At some feedings he won't want as much and then he'll wake up early and be crying and sucking on his hands. So the NP wrote an order that allows Rachael to be a bit more free with the timing and amount of his feeds. Even though he is taking more of his feedings by bottle he acts like a breastfed baby. He definitely loves and prefers the breast. I'm so happy that it is working out so well for him to switch back and forth! That is a big answer to prayer.

Pray for Jimmie tomorrow- if I'm not mistaken, he has another follow up eye exam. These eye exams are pretty uncomfortable and traumatic for the babies. The nurses hate Wednesdays because of them and the Mom's are not allowed to be in the room during the exam. Rachael said she came in right after last week and she could see the red marks where they pried and clamped Jimmie's eyes open and he was crying pretty hard. Justin hates it and wants them to stop, but Rachael is-- well "Rachael". (-: She's very matter of fact. She feels bad for him of course, but she just realizes some things have to be endured for the better in the long run. This is all part and parcel of the whole premature tragedy. Pray that his ROP is starting to resolve and he won't have to keep enduring this.

Thank you so much all of you who are Jimmie's warriors!


P.S. Oops- I was mistaken, I just talked to Rach and his eye exam is next week- not tomorrow.


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the work that goes into keeping us updated about Jimmie and his family :) I teach our Sunday AM children's class, and we have been talking about Jimmie, praying "fat chunky monkey prayers" and for his eyes and everything. The kids have seen pictures of him and are anxious to hear how the Lord has answered so many of our prayers regarding Jimmie and his health. WOW! What a great learning lesson about God's power and the power of prayer! We'll keep praying! My girls and I were talking today about Jimmie, and about how he might be going home soon, Lord willing. They hope that they get to see him sometime soon--and I explained that for now it will be via the blog. Keep sending us pictures! We love to see him, and Rachael and Justin. Oh, and auntie pictures are fun, too ;)
    Stephanie (Bratcher)

  2. almost 5 lbs! that is excellent! i bet he is happy that tube is gone too! will keep up with the chunky monkey prayers!

  3. I love seeing the pics of baby Jimmie filling up his mommy's arms. We are praying that he will get to come home soon.

    Kathleen Parker
    Dandridge, TN

  4. What wonderful news! YAY Jimmie!! Way to eat!

    I'm glad that his little eyes are getting a break this week. Poor little guy. =( Hopefully this will all be over soon!

    We love you all! We'll keep on praying!
    Adrian and Janelle

  5. Woohoo for the removal of the NG! That is great news!! :)

    Those ROP exams are truly "just" scary. They aren't painful (my husband seriously had the doctor do the same exam on him so he would "know what the boys are going through) - but poor things the lights are bright! Hopefully he'll get the ROP "all clear" soon and they will be just a (horrible) memory!

    Take care,

  6. No parent enjoy seeing there baby in a state of discomfort. Just remember it's ALL for Little Jimmie's well being. Rachael you and Justin will be wonderful parents, can't wait for you three to go home so that you all can have a sense of normalacy. Will keep your family in my prayers & wish you the best of luck!!!

  7. Good job jimmie!

    The O'Kelleys

  8. Yes! Off the feeding tube at last! Praying those Chunky Monkey Prayers! So excited for 5 pounds!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  9. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

  10. Yea! No more feeding tube! Praise the Lord!


  11. Every day is full of wonder and amazement! Blessings! And more blessings.

  12. Whoo Hoo Jimmie!!! Awesome news about the feeding tube! Keep it up