Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Awesome Morning

The March For Babies this morning was so awesome. The weather was perfect. I don't know how many people were there, but it was definitely thousands! We met so many people and saw so many children who have fought through so much. It was sobering and inspiring, sad and beautiful. The most moving part was definitely the "Baby Boulevard". There were signs of everyone's babies, their reasons for walking.

Jimmie's Sign

Gracie's Sign

We were so touched by everyone who came out. Brian, Chris, Tara, James, Jeff, Ellie, Melenia (and parents), Tiffany and Juliana, Evan, David, Chris,Debora (and kiddos), Ami - we are so blessed by your support. Justin and Rachael were able to come as well and it was so great to be able to walk with them and eat lunch together.

This was most of us who came out to walk. Sorry it's blurry. )-:

We will definitely make this an annual event and next year we will make sure we do t-shirts for our team.

Jimmie has done much better today. He's taken all of his feeds and he gained another ounce! So he is at 4lbs 12ozs! Here are some pictures from today.

Today is Jimmie's 81st day in the NICU. Thank you for your prayers!



  1. I wish I would have walked with you. When I was a kid I did the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon a couple of times. I remember getting pledges and collecting the money. Hopefully, I can do it next year. Jimmie looks so good!
    Love you!

  2. Love you guys! From Aunty Mimi

  3. I'm so glad that the weather cooperated and the walk went well. Yay on Jimmie's weight gain!!

    81 days, hopefully just a few more to go...

    Love you all!
    Adrian and Janelle

  4. i am glad that the weather was cooperative! i wish that i could have been there to walk with you all!glad that jimmie made progress, he's getting big!! i love you guys.

  5. So glad you guys had a great day! What an awesome thing you guys did!

    Love those pics of Jimmie today...he's looking great!

  6. It was so great to meet you both in person! Can't waitt o meet JIMMIE at next year's! :)

    Take care,

  7. In the picture with someone holding Jimmie's head (maybe Justin?) you can really see the difference in Jimmie's size from the top picture where all of little Jimmie practically fit in his one hand. Now Jimmie's head almost fills one hand, which is just how it should be! He has grown so big!!!


  8. Amazing, Jimmie is so cool. Jesus has been soooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!
    Lots of love and prayers!
    -Mary Gates & Family