Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Virtual Baby Shower Celebration

Jimmie's tummy is doing better! Yeah!! We will be very curious to see what he weighs on Friday. Rachael is receiving a home visit tomorrow from a "First Steps Developmental Liaison". Rachael will fill out 2 hours of paperwork! My mom will be there to help with Jimmie. This "First Steps" program will provide specialized developmental therapist for Jimmie for pretty much anything you can think of. He is at risk for developmental delays and falls into such extreme categories that he qualifies for free. Hopefully he won't need it, but this will be something that becomes more apparent over time.

So my cousin Tiffany is an AWESOME photographer and she took close to 100 photos at the shower. There were so many good ones that I just threw almost all of them into a montage. I didn't edit any of it, but it's really fun to watch! If you were not at the shower you'll feel like you were there after watching this. Enjoy this "virtual baby shower celebration". (-: Thank you so much Tiffany!



  1. We are soooo happy for Jimmie, (and his tummy!) Come on, little man, you gotta chunk it up! We love you all, and are praying for you guys!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  2. I haven't posted in a loooong time, but just want to let you know that I've read your blog every day and have prayed continuously for Jimmie and your whole family. I am SO happy for you that your sweet baby is home with you now, how amazing! I'm still in awe of how miraculous his journey has been, truly incredible! God is so good!!! My two-year-old son, Lucas, always asks to see pictures of "baby Jimmie", so I show him any time he asks. If my husband or I forget, Lucas reminds us to include baby Jimmie in our list of people we're praying for. God bless you guys! We can't wait to meet Jimmie some day!

    Denny, Erin & Lucas Sheafer

  3. i am glad his tummy is better today!!! thanks for the pics, they were great! maddy watched it with me, and she liked it too!!!

  4. Through great pain ALWAYS comes great JOY. Thank you God and continued blessings for this amazing circle of family and friends!

  5. Rachael, this is but a milestone of the blessed journey that you and your family are about to embark on. It does my heart well to see how Jimmie is thriving. I believe I even seen him show you how happy he is to be home with the smile in one of the blogs. Behind every special child you will find exceptionally special parents, grans, aunts, etc...

    Amber, the video was awesome; you have done such a wonderful job in keeping everyone updated with Jimmie's, Rachael's and Justin's day-to-day. You are phenomenal!!!

  6. We're so happy that Jimmie's tummy is doing well. Eat up, Jimmie!

    Great pictures!

    Love you all!
    Adrian and Janelle

  7. Wondeful!


  8. Jay, you have the most beautiful children and wife. Eeryone is blessed.

  9. God is gracious and good.