Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Truckin Along

Jimmie is truckin right along. I love how Rachael is starting to sound like a normal Mom with normal complaints. Today she came into the studio to teach a class and was glad to get away from Jimmie for a bit. He was being very grumpy and gassy and in her words, "driving me crazy!" (-: She left him with 3 different medical staff in the NICU who were doting on him and trying to get him in a better mood. Rachael is quite sure he is very spoiled. LOL! He has many people who love him in the NICU and will hold him and coo over him every chance they get. He's gonna love having mommy 24 hours a day when he gets home and mommy will LOVE IT too, but will probably miss all of the help she gets in the NICU. 0-:

Jimmie did good with his feedings today. It's hard to know how much he's getting when he nurses though. They had been supplementing him half a feeding in the NG tube when he nursed. Now since the tube is gone we are anxious to see him still gaining weight. Rachael nurses him 3 or 4 times a day. If his weight gain tapers off over the next few days Rachael may have to resort to more bottles. Pray that he keeps gaining. We want the nursing to work out for Jimmie and Rachael.

This evening right after Rachael gave Jimmie his vitamens he puked it all back up- everywhere! Rach says she's sure those vitamens taste pretty nasty judging by the smell that she is now wearing. Ewwww

Still no going home date. I'll be shouting it to the heavens as soon as I know. (-:



  1. What is it about little boys? Both of mine thought they had to be held NON-STOP when they were tiny. I can understand it better from preemies--they were cheated out of extra time of being held in the womb--but what was Josiah's excuse? =)

    We're still praying that all goes well and he can go home soon!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Imagine if they smelled so bad how horrible they must taste...bless his heart!!!! Praying for a going home date and for him to keep gaining weight!

  3. There is a way to tell how much he is getting when he is nursing that they might want to try when they are at home. If you weigh Jimmy before she starts nursing him and then after, the difference is what he's consumed. Normally there will be an ounce or two difference= about 1-2 oz of breastmilk. They can weigh him fully clothed in a diaper with whatever on. Just make sure the same stuff is on for the before and after weigh. I did this with my NICU baby when she came home to give me confidence that she was indeed getting something while I was nursing her. It eased my mind a lot and then we could just focus on our nursing relationship and I didn't feel the need to try and force her to drink more from a bottle. Just a suggestion.

  4. Chunk it up little man! Bless his (tiny) heart! Praying for a going home date soon(:
    -Mary Gates & Family

  5. Those vitamins ARE yucky and should have one of those green stickers on them. And they usually have iron in them, too, like formula does, and alot more kids than one thinks spew them. It's been 18 years and I haven't forgotten! And the smell is as bad as the taste. OMG!

    I love Anne's weighing suggestion. We were seeing a pediatrician who had me convinced that I was going wrong by my daughter when I breastfed her twin brother. He even threatened to turn me in to child protective services because she wasn't gaining as rapidly as the charts said she would So we switched to a family doctor who was quick to point out that all kids are different. I so needed that. Today they are healthy 18 year olds with all that teen angst. My daughter always gained steadily, just not as much as her twin. Man, he could eat, and was so amused by everything around him. She was very much the princess and the pea. Not much changes.

    More prayers. (=