Monday, May 4, 2009

The Home Stretch

All great news today! Jimmie is doing really well on his feedings. He is now on the cannula he'll go home on. It has nasal prongs and he's on .1 liter of flow and he's sating at 100%. The Doctor said it could be less than a week before he's home, but it'll just depend on Jimmie. WOW! We are really in the "home stretch" here. Jimmie's hematocrit went up two more points to 35 which is awesome! He averaged 15 grams a day with his weight gain this week and they'd really like him to be a little higher than that. So keep praying those chunky monkey fat prayers.

Rachael has finally settled on a pediatrician for Jimmie that she is very happy with. Thank God because Jimmie's medical needs will be pretty intense- with lots of Doctor visits so this is an important relationship.

I asked Rachael this evening if she was ready to go home or if it scared her. She has been very sensitive to change throughout this whole process and going home will be a HUGE change! She said she is ready when they say Jimmie is ready. She's excited to go home and settle into and discover what their new life will be like.

On that note I wanted to let you all know that I will be comitted to continuing to blog for Rachael, Justin and Jimmie for the first 2 year of his life. It may not be an update every single day, but I will continue. Just because Jimmie goes home doesn't mean he still does not need our prayers. He has a long road still to a point of real stability with his health. That 2 year mark will be a major milestone for him. During that time those of us family and friends who are so excited to get to know and hang out with Jimmie really won't be able to very often. For his health and prognosis he will need to stay largly secluded. So blogging will continue to be a way we can all stay "in the know" and continue watching and being involved in his life. It has been a joy for me to do, and theraputic for me- an outlet in a way... I don't get to see my little nephew or Rachael and Justin often at all and this helps me not miss them quite so badly.

I know you all will be happy to continue this journey with us and keep fighting for Jimmie! We are so blessed by you all!



  1. Yikes - won't be long now!! :) How exciting!

    I am happy to hear that Rachel has found a ped she is comfortable with. That is so important! I am also so excited to read that you (and hopefully the rest of his family and friends :)) understand and plan to honor the fact that Jimmie will need to be protected for several years in order to keep that cutie healthy!

    Can't wait to read the "He's home!!!!" post - it will be soon!

    Take care,

    Oh - and ps, of course you can link my blog, I'm honored that you want to include them!!

  2. Praise the Lord! That's great!! Wow, how exciting! We'll keep on praying, and you know the prayers will continue! We're so happy that you're going to keep up the blog. I was wondering about that the other day.

    Keep up the good work, little guy!

    Love you all,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. I love the picture of his feet....amazing how much he's grown!!!

    I'm so happy to hear that Rachel has found a pediatrician that she's comfortable with...that is a very important relationship. It's great that you are going to continue blogging...seriously you have got to be the best aunt ever!!!!!!!

  4. Praying those Chunky Monkey Prayers! Can't wait for Jimmie to come home!Love you all sooo much!
    -Mary Gate & Family