Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stage 1 At Zone 2

Jimmie's eye exam went alright today. The Doctor said Jimmie's eyes are still very premature. He said Jimmie has Stage 1 ROP at a Zone 2. Stage 1 means that he see's a little something there (a faint demarcation line), but nothing that would require intervention or cause major vision problems. The Zone refers to where this is in his eye. They will have to watch and wait. It is also common for there to be disease of the vessels present which can often lead to surgery. The good news is that Jimmie does not have any sign of disease. Usually by 40 weeks diagnosis of ROP is complete. They will keep checking his eyes every week to make sure things do not progress to a point where they would need to intervene to save his eyesight. The Doctor is pretty optimistic for Jimmie, but not ready to say for sure yet. So his eyes will be examined again next Wednesday. Please keep praying for Jimmie's eyes! We are very hopeful that he will need no intervention, but we need to pray!

I am so bummed because last friday I didn't get to go visit Jimmie because I was sick. I still have symptoms so I'll have to miss my Friday date with my little man AGAIN! I'm going to beg Rachael for more pictures! Hopefully this weekend I'll have more cuteness to rest our eyes upon. (-:

Jimmie gained 10 grams. He is almost 4 pounds 10 ounces. Still gaining much too slowly though. Rachael gave him all bottles today, but the plan is to switch back and forth from breast to bottle every other feeding during the day. Jimmie loves nursing and so does Rachael. Rachael really wants to see him gaining again though so she is trying everything! I love how you guys changed it to "chunky monkey prayers" in your comments. LOL! Come on Jimmie-- we want you to be a FAT chunky monkey!

Jimmie is now 18 inches in length! Rachael said to tell Lucy (ballet student) that yes-- now he is the length of your American Girl Doll! (-:

Thank you for fighting for Jimmie! Jimmie's Warriors ROCK!



  1. Jimmie, we wnat you to be a chunky monkey! The size of a doll how cute! We love you Jimmie(:
    -Mary Gates & Family

  2. Praying for his eyes and weight!!!! Pack on the pounds bud!

  3. Rachael,
    Does this mean you need to eat "Chunky Monkey" ice cream from Ben&Jerry's? I will bet your little man will love the extra cream coming his way!!!
    love you!!...Sandra
    p.s. my personal Ben&Jerry fave..."Coffee Heath Bar Crunch"...heaven...mmm

  4. We'll keep praying! Sorry you're sick, Amber. =(

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  5. Sending lots of chunky monkey prayers your way as well as good eye vibes.

    Sophia ended up with Stage 3 ROP. She had laser eye surgery at 3months old. She is slightly nearsighted now but her eye doctor thinks it has more to do with my husband and I being extremely nearsighted than the ROP. I'm glad to hear that Jimmie's is Stage 1. I don't remember what zone Sophia's was though.

    Healing prayers to you as well Amber so you can have your "date" with the little one.