Monday, April 13, 2009

Ramping It Up

Can I get a woooooah woooooah??? Jimmie is 4 pounds and then some...!!! Go Jimmie go! He has really started chunking up in the last few weeks.

I am so excited. I predict that in the NEXT few weeks the Doctors and Nurses will start saying the "H" word more often. "Home" is such a beautiful word! We'll see, Jimmie still has a few hurdles to overcome.

They told us when he was born that the goal would be to get him home sometime around his due date. His due date is May 28th. That is so UNBELIEVABLE to me. He is 2 months old and his due date is still over a month and a half away. When I think about that it just blows my mind. You really can't be born too much earlier than Jimmie and ever live to go home. Maybe 2 weeks earlier (at most) for a miraculous few.

So things are changing in Jimmie land this week! They are "ramping it up!"

Jimmie is going to start on a much more intensive schedule that will focus heavily on learning to eat by mouth. The NP (Nurse Practitioner) wrote and order today for Rachael to breastfeed him every other feeding during the day now. So Rach will be in the NICU from 9am to 9pm. This next phase of Jimmie's care and development will be a real marathon for Rachael because of her desire to breastfeed.

The NP also wrote a new order to have his feedings by tube go in over a 30 minute time period instead of 60 minutes. This will be a test to see how well his tummy can handle receiving milk at a faster rate. That is more true to how it is when being breastfed or even bottle fed. So keep praying those "happy tummy prayers"!

Jimmie's Hematocrit level is down to 28 which is not great. 40 is where they want him. But his Retic count is over 5 so they are very hopeful he'll bring his Hematocrit up on his own this time. If you are wondering(I was!)- "Retic" stands for "Reticulocyte". A Retic Count is the "number of reticulocytes (young red blood cells) circulating in blood, usually less than 1% of the total number of the red blood cells. Elevation of the reticulocyte count above 1% (reticulocytosis) is a sign of rapid red blood cell production."

Pray lots of crit prayers because we REALLY DO NOT WANT another blood transfusion.

So the grandparents are loving their new freedom to touch Jimmie. Grandpa Rod changed a diaper last night and Ma (Andrea) changed one today! Grandma Kathy said the Nurse made the comment that they were all going to fight over changing his diapers now, but later on it'll be the usual "thing you hope to avoid". LOL! I'll be shocked if my Dad changes Jimmie's diaper. If he does, I'll know for sure he's playing favorites. My kids are gonna be 4 and 2 this summer and somehow my Dad has managed to avoid changing either one of them! (-:

Here are 2 more shots from yesterday. He's just so CUTE!!



  1. Yah!!!!!!! 4 pounds! LOVE the pictures sooo much:) Can't wait until Jimmie can go home! We'll pray "happy tummy" prayers. Jesus is the best ever!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  2. WONDERFUL!! We can't wait until he gets to go home! We're praying for all of you for God's continuing grace and mercies.

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Ah, such a beautiful baby. I love the tie for Easter. I read yesterday's post last night but didn't leave my own...sorry about that. The prayer chain at my church is keeping those prayers coming. And tell Pa it's okay if he doesn't change diapers - my own dad, who tried to get a court order to be in the delivery room back in 57 (a man before his time) didn't change them unless he was forced. :)

    Four lbs - Jimmie has more than doubled his birth weight!

    Crit prayers, tummy prayers....and all the blessings in the world.

  4. Pa pleads grandfather privileges. I'm The Grand Pa. Not to be confused with the Grand Poo-Ba. I play with them, feed them white powdered sugar doughnuts with Dr Pepper and then send them home. If they start stinkin' I refer them to mom or dad. Remember, I've changed gazzilions of diapers. All my kids are gonna have to have a LOT of babies in order for any one of them to even come close! I'll enjoy watching them try.


  5. Are you kidding me? There is no Dr. Pepper or white powdered doughnuts in our house!!!!! You might share one of your beloved poptarts but then again, Cole and McKenna have never had one of those either.
    Wonderful post, Amber. You are amazing!
    And I changed a real stinker yesterday. That fortifier can really stink things up.
    Keep up the good work, Justin and Rachael! We have so much to be thankful for! Go Jimmie Go!

  6. You guys crack me up!!!!! :)A(:

  7. Couldn't resist posting my first comment: Cole and McKenna have both had BELOVED POPTARTS at my house and they LOVED them. Can't wait until I can offer one to Jimmie! There's always Dr. Pepper here, but I'll have to plan ahead for the white donuts (-: (oh the privileges of greatgrandmotherhood)!!!

    Love, GGMa E.

  8. LOL!!! I haven't corrupted Cole or McKenna with food, but we did introduce Cole to Spongebob one day when we were watching him.

    Yeah, 4 lbs! I love Jimmie's little half smile and dimple in the picture!
    Aunt Leanne

  9. Crit prayers! Tummy prayers! Breastfeeding prayers!
    Go Jimmie Go!

  10. Gosh now I want some white powdered donuts...where do you live? Jimmie looks so cute in his tie! It has been a privelge to watch this little guy grow outside the womb. It has been truely amazing, we never would know this when they are snug in your tummy. I can't believe he is 4 lbs already. I am soooo excited for the grandparents now. There is nothing better the the touch of a baby's skin.
    It is a Happy Easter this year for sure.
    Kathy Barnes

  11. Wow Jimmie 4 lbs! Good work. YOu look like you are doing great! We are so proud of you. Rachael you have such a beautiful child. We love you

    Shannon and April O'Kelley

  12. Pa has some GREAT memories to share and to make. Gotta love it. Bet he can't wait to croon to Jimmie.

  13. Come on, you can't tell me that the picture right above doesn't look like Justin! I think it does.


  14. He is SO CUTE!!!

    Love Shannon O'Kelley