Thursday, April 9, 2009

Uncle Nate's Visit

Jimmie gained 7 grams today. Not great, but at least he gained. Over all he's doing really well! Uncle Nate (my bro) went to visit him with Mom today and took lots of totally awesome pictures! Yeeeeeeah, we all love Jimmie pictures!

Sisters anecdote- So ever since I can remember Rach and I- without knowing it or planning it, would dress the same and sometimes do our hair the same. We would do this when we both lived at home and it continued even as we've lived apart. We'll show up at the studio and look at each other and smile. Well lately it's been very "hit or miss" whether Rachael or I put on make-up or do anything with our hair more than just throwing it back in a tangly pony tail. Sign of the times in our lives I guess. So as I looked at the pictures Nate took today I started laughing. Rachael looked totally cute today. She had done her hair and put on some make-up. Guess what??? I got all inspired and put on make-up and did my hair today too. The thing is we did our hair the same way and we have the same shirt on! LOL!

Here she is.

Here is a blurry "do it yourself" picture of me.

So weird. And wonderful.

Rachael doing her Mommy thing.

Jimmie's prints.

Jimmie's life on a screen. The top number is his heart rate, the middle number his respiratory rate and the bottom number is his oxygen saturation. Those numbers look good Jimmie jim jim. (-:

Jimmie's cute little feet. That red light is the pulse ox monitor on Jimmie's foot. That's what measures his oxygen saturation levels.

What a handsome little man! His eyes are pretty swollen from yesterdays eye exam though. )-: They had to pry his eyes open and hold them that way for a while.

Jimmie hanging out in his hood.

Those are great pictures Nate! And there are more that I'll post tomorrow.

Rachael said Jimmie's nurse today thought he was at least a week older than he is because of how well he's doing with breast feeding. Good for you Jimmie!

Thank you for your prayers!


P.S. Jimmie is 33 weeks gestation today!


  1. Way to go with the eating, Jimmie! In that next to last picture, it looks like he's working on getting some little jowls. =)

    His poor little eyes. =(

    We love you, little guy!!!
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Love the pics! He is soooo precious:)
    -Mary Gates & Family

  3. Love those pics...he looks awesome!

    There's nothing like baby feet...they're so cute!

  4. In response to Amber's earlier post, YOU ARE A SUPERMOM, RACHAEL! God knew exactly what He was doing when He planned to make you and Justin little Jimmie's mommy and daddy :) How blessed he is to have you!

    With love,
    Jennifer and Hannah

    P.S. Hannah has really loved seeing you at the studio.

  5. Aww. Look how chubby he's starting to get! :) love it. keep growing little man!

  6. HEY! I am soooo incredibly excited (only 5 sleeps), love you Rach and can't wait to see you and hug you!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the power of our risen Lord fill you (and Jim-bo) with great faith and joy this Easter and always.
    Love, :)me(: