Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has had a blessed day.

Jimmie is 3 pounds 15 ounces. He is holding his body temperature in his open air crib. Woohooo!!! So now his grandparents are able to touch him and help in his care.

Rachael and Justin went to church this morning and had Easter dinner with some of Justin's family. (the Mitchell side I think...) Everyone gave Jimmie gifts! Rach said they had quite a haul of stuff! Awww how fun!

Rachael said Jimmie is just pretty uncomfortable and fussy with gas. He has been like this for a couple of weeks now. So lets pray "happy tummy prayers"!

Here are some pictures my Dad took from today. Jimmie dressed up for Easter. His little onsie has a tie on it! LOL!

Jimmie's big boy bed!

And here is a little video clip I'll call "The Gas Monster". That's what Rach calls it when Jimmie gets all grunty, red and squirmy. Poor little guy.

Jimmie is doing so well!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

Thank you Jesus for the power of the cross and the resurrection!

Pray for Rachael and Justin this week. Rachael felt her daughter Gracie Anne move in her womb for the last time April 17th and she was stillborn April 19th 2008. So a week from today we will honor and remember Gracie on her birthday. It will be an emotional time for us. We have already been going through the anniversaries of ultrasounds when we received the tragic and heartbreaking news of how sick she was. I personally don't remember much from this time last year. All I remember is Gracie and our grief. We were talking today about how none of us have a memory of Easter last year. We can't recall what we did... We appreciate your care and your prayers. We miss her so . . .

In Him. Love,


  1. I LOVE his onesie! What a sweet little Easter boy!

    WOW! He just looks more and more like Justin every day.

    We love you all. Our prayers are continually with you.

    Happy Easter!
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. What a big boy!! and a tie, how cute. Jimmie has already worn a tie, and my boys haven't even sneezed at one. I can't even get them to wear a button up shirt. Ha!

    There are days I can't believe he is still here. I share his story with about anybody who will listen. I just told a lady on Saturday at the park. I told her the whole story, and then at the end, she said, "he's alive!" I love sharing your story. Such a miracle.

    I can only imagine how difficult this week will be remembering little Gracie. I'm sorry for the sorrow you have gone through to get to where you are today. Even though we did not meet Gracie here on Earth, she will not be forgotten, and we will pray for you always.

    We love you guys!
    Love, Natalie

  3. Prayers for Jimmie's tummy...and for the loss of Gracie.

  4. love the big boy bed. I love you, and will be thinking of you this week. It's hard, the first anniversary. I just tried to think of how much God has blessed my life since that time, and to think of how grateful i was for the short little life of my Gabby. I know that Gracie is watching down over her little brother every day. I love you Rach, and call me anytime. If i don't answer, I am sleeping!

  5. Wow Jimmie you are doing good! We are praying for you as Gracies b-day is coming up:(. We love you guys

    O'Kelley Family