Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ahead Of The Game

Rachael sounds much better today so thank you for your prayers! And those of you that commented that have been there- thank you for the empathetic encouragement. Jimmie is doing fine in his new room. He won't get Nurse Carolyn unless they can get back to Tulip Lane. Rachael is requesting that happen when a room opens up. You can keep praying for favor for her in that request. He still weighs 2 pounds 15 ounces, but in grams he is moving slowly closer to 3 pounds. Maybe tomorrow! We'll see . . .

The "poop prayers" have been working big time. So much that he has a little rash now. )-: Sad . . . But his bowels working like this is a very good thing.

The Nurses are very impressed with Jimmie's attempts at breast feeding and his interest. Rachael can tell Jimmie is starting to expect it when she comes in first thing in the morning. He is really excited and anxious to spend time with his Mommy this way, which is so awesome for him developmentally. Again they are marveling at how "ahead of the game" he is! Go Jimmie go! They have put in an order for Rach to work with Jimmie breastfeeding twice a day now. He's not totally got it, but he's on his way.

I'll end with a totally cute picture of Jimmie's 2nd cousins- The Barkley kids watching his video. Thank you Missy!


P.S. Our family is rejoicing tonight in the birth of beautiful and healthy baby Maddy. There have been lots of happy tears for Jennette and Jason. Thank you Lord!

P.S.S. I totally got my hubby this morning- I told him I was late and had taken a pregnancy test and that it was positive! His heart dropped to his toes. Then I said, "he he um- APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!" 0-: Yeah-- if you don't already suspect our family needs a bit of a break with the pregnancy drama.


  1. 3 pounds here we come! We keep on praying!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  2. Oh geez...good April Fools! Congrats on the new addition and continuing to pray for Jimmie!

  3. Good one Amber! LOL! I am so happy to hear how interested jimmie is in breastfeeding! That's really incredible! Thank you God! We will keep praying for that. Maybe I missed a post, but how is he eating now since he is sans tubing?

  4. That's great that he's doing so well with nursing! YAY!! How exciting!

    We're praying for him to get a room and get moved back! Keep up the good work, all of you! Give him kisses from us! We'll try to remember to get a picture of the kids watching!

    Love you all,
    Adrian and Janelle

  5. Hello from Tiffany Best's mom...I've been following your journey with prayers for all.Remember that Jesus is the Fragrance of Springtime and everytime you hear a Cardinal sing it is the voice of God lifting you all up in prayer.

  6. We will also pray that God brings other amazing caregivers into Jimmie's life. God is big enough to find Jimmie wherever the hospital puts him. We love you Rachael, Justin and Little Man and will help with the prayers for comfort, peace and rest.

    Oh yeah, way to go with the poops, Jimmie. I am sure that Cole's poop prayers helped with that! I hope the rash clears up soon!!

    In Christ!

    Michelle Micheal

    PS Happy Birthday Maddy!!