Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Picture

I got to see my amazing little man today!!! He is getting SO BIG you guys. Well-- he's still probably the tiniest baby you've (most of you) ever seen, but he's so much bigger than he was...

I was there today when the Doctor came in and he explained that although Jimmie is off the caffeine it is still in his system and we really won't know how he's doing without it for another 4 or 5 days. So pray that when it is finally all out of his system that he does fine without it!

There were a couple of rooms opening up in Tulip today. That's where Rachael wants Jimmie to be. So hopefully they'll get to move back. Jimmie's friend Miranda got to go home today! She was a micro-preemie. Congratulations to her family. What an amazing day for them!

While I was there today I went kind of crazy with the camera. (-: I'll spread the pictures out over the next couple of days in my posts.

1st family pictures!

The sign I wrote today. I re-did it cause I wanted it to say I'm AWESOME! (-:

Jimmie is really starting to remind me of my son Cole.

This is Cole. (Rachael is holding him.)

Cole again.

This is Jimmie.


I don't think I heard what he weighed today, but the Doctor did get out his growth chart and show us how Jimmie was staying right on his curve so that's great! Keep praying those fat prayers!


P.S. Rachael just called and Jimmie weighs 3 pounds 7 ounces! Wow!!! And he got to move back to tulip. Yeah!


  1. Gosh, it's so great to hear that Jimmie is up to 3 lbs 7 oz! OMG! He is just a miracle every day. Amber, thank you for sharing your family with us!

  2. Wow! So many amazing things this week and even just today! What an awesome God we serve! I agree that Jimmie looks a lot like Cole!

    Blessings from the Tandys

  3. That's awesome that they're back where they have been..great news! Love the pics....especially the one of all three of them!!!

  4. hi! i hadn't checked on jimmie in a few days, and he looks awesome!! i am glad to hear that he is doing so well. i can't wait to see you guys.

  5. Love the pictures! What a cutie!

  6. Yeah, back to the Tulip room! I love the Family pics! He does look quite a lot like Cole. Almost 3 and a half pounds, whoohoo! We are soo happy for Jimmie's progess, God is awesome!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  7. LOVE the family picture. They look so happy! It has been truly amazing to follow his journey (thanks to you) and see how well he has progressed. He looks SO good!! Go, Jimmie, Go!! God does work miracles and it is wonderful to see it in action!

    Take care,

    Jennifer Russell

  8. Wow, Jimmy is really taking off on his weight. We are so happy for you! He is still in our prayers, and will be as long as he is in NICU.

    Denise & Shannon F.

  9. Way to go Jimmie!! That's great that he's growing so well. We're so glad you all got to move back. What a relief!

    Thanks for the pictures. What a gorgeous little man. (And Cole's handsome, too!)

    Love you all!

    Adrian and Janelle

  10. Thank you Jesus!

  11. What a handsome little guy! I LOVE the family pics. Rachael, you look so happy! and so wonderful as a mommy!! Jimmies nose is a little bigger, but he certainly resembles his big cousin Cole.
    Love you guys!
    Natalie, Josh, Eli, and Soon to be Sam

  12. Rachel looks so happy in the family picture!! Jimmie looks a lot like his cousin for sure! Glad to see every day how awesome he is doing. Congratulations! God is good.

    Salmonds (Lily, ballet 1)

  13. O, how cute he just looks so big when he has his clothes on plus I bet it makes him feel better. Before long you will be taking him home and then not long after that will be getting into everything. Those are some really good pictures I can't wait to see some with both the grandparents. I'm sure Grandpa Rod and Grandma Kathy are ready even to just touch him as the other garandpa and grandpa have. There is so much love around him it's great. Hurry up Jimmie grow Jimmie grow so we may all see you.

    Gordon And Shari Taylor

  14. Wow, he is so big! He looks wonderful and while I agree he looks alot like Coley-man, I noticed that he is looking more and more like Justin!

    Gotta luv that dimple!!!

    Michelle M.