Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wings Like Eagles

Jimmie is really fussy and gassy today. Rachael said he's been really sleepy and not eating as well either. )-: Pray for his little tummy. They are not really concerned, this kind of thing is pretty normal for any baby. But it's frustrating for Rachael because we really want Jimmie to keep up the good work in learning how to eat!

He gained about 3 grams- so not that much, but that may happen as he learns how to eat. He has to work harder and expend more energy and it's hard to know for sure how much he's getting because he's breast feeding.

The NP said they will discuss Jimmie in there Friday meeting with all of the Doctors- specifically his oxygen/nasal cannula issue. So possibly this weekend he could be put back on the cannula. We'll see what they decide!

Rachael is weary today. She has been working really hard trying to find a pediatrician for Jimmie that best fits and supports her and Justin's needs and desires for Jimmie's health care. Pray that she is able to find the right doctor. Being a preemie - Jimmie will have some intensive needs and his care will be very involved so of course Rachael and Justin are not choosing his Doctor lightly. And she is feeling the effects of the intensive schedule teaching Jimmie how to eat.

All in all Jimmie is doing good! Keep praying all of you warriors!

"but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isa. 40:31



  1. We'll pray some "tummy prayers" for little (and getting bigger!) Jimmie! His poor nose): Jesus is sooooooooo wonderful!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  2. We're praying for him to continue to eat well, and for your wisdom and peace!

    We love you!
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. We are praying for you Jimmie.I hope you littel tummy is better.

    Shannon O'Kelley

  4. Amber:

    I forgot to tell you today when I saw you what a wonderful job you are doing with this blog! I look forward each day to reading whatever you have written. Not only are your posts very informational but the details you include make us feel like we are part of the family!

    I am sure that others would agree that because of you, we feel as if we really know Jimmie.

    Thanks for your dedication and your humor.