Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun With Daddy

Drum roll . . . . . Jimmie is 3 POUNDS!!!! And almost an ounce. Wow! You are really growing this 2nd month of your life little man!

Jimmie had a good day. His diaper rash is a little better. Keep praying for that to clear up all of the way. He's been pretty uncomfortable with it.

Rachael said he is becoming so aware when he's awake now. It's so cool for him to show obvious recognition and excitement when she comes in- in the morning. And to see him so reactive and responsive to his Daddy.

Mom said the other day when she was there Justin was playing with the controls on Jimmie's bed and moving it up and down right after Jimmie had eaten. She was scolding Justin to stop. I asked what Rach was doing and Mom said, "oh- she was putting up with it." and then I asked what Jimmie was doing and she grinned sheepishly and said, "I don't want to tell you." I laughed and she said, "He was loving it!" He was very reactive to his Daddy's little way of playing with him. Well- Jimmie is Justin's son after all- of course he loves it. I can't wait to see Justin tossing him around while he's giggling and then watch as Jimmie throws up in his face. LOL! Every parent has had that happen! And if I may tease my Mom for a minute- she is VERY protective. My brother Evan says when I'm gone she follows my kids around and puts her hands over the corners of the walls and sharp edges of furniture as they walk by. LOL! I love you Mom! (-:

Justin and Rachael went on a date tonight! They went to see Phantom Of The Opera. Justin bought her the tickets for Christmas. I'm so glad they are getting to use them. Rachael said she dressed up and did her hair and make-up and when she walked into the NICU everyone was like- "Oh wow- do you have a date???" (-: I'm sure she looks beautiful.

The other day Rach said one of the Respiratory Therapists who hasn't been there for a while came to see Jimmie in his old room and about had a heart attack in the hall thinking Jimmie was VERY sick all of the sudden. Nurse Carolyn joked she almost had to give him CPR. 0-: And then she showed him to Jimmie's new room. (-:

Say some prayers for the little one in Jimmie's old room- Tulip section- room 2. *sigh* The NICU is just not an easy place to be in any way. There is a lot of heartache there.

We are so grateful for your prayers!


P.S. Jimmie is still being fed by a tube that goes in his mouth and down his throat. It is very small and so far Rachael has been able to work around it when he is breast feeding. He doesn't really get much sucking and swallowing yet. Jimmie loves pulling that feeding tube out. He'll get a hold of it in his tiny little hands and then just yank and out it comes!


  1. Oh, Amber, I just love reading your posts! I'm addicted to them. I'm so thankful that Jimmie is doing so well. It's so cool that he is so aware. And it's okay, Andrea, that you are so protective! I'll be praying for the other little one.
    Love you,
    Aunt Leanne

  2. Yeah! 3 pounds! We watched the "Faithfulness" video, and we LOVED it so much! We continue 2 pray! We'll pray for the baby in Jimmie's old room.
    -Mary Gates & Family

  3. Yay Jimmie!!! you keep putting that weight on little boy!!! Awesome for mommy and daddy getting out...they deserve it! Continuing to keep Jimmie in my prayers!

  4. What a wonderful day for everyone! Hooray! Hooray!

  5. 3 POUNDS!!! Way to go!

    I hope Justin and Rachael had a good time on their date. What fun!

    I can't wait to see Jimmie playing with his daddy and mama--and, of course, his cousins. How great will that be?

    Love you all lots,

  6. 3 lbs!!!!!!!!! that is great!!! love you guys, and, Rach, i hope you guys had fun tonight.

  7. 3lbs!!!! Thats great Jimmie. We love all of you.


  8. 3 Pounds!! What a fat kid!!!!
    One of these days Jimmie is going to become obese. And then the post will say...
    PLEASE stop saying fat prayers!!!!
    I hope you two kids had a romantic evening together and relaxed together. I am sure you looked beautiful Rach. And keep playing with your son! Grandma's are super-sensitive-crazy! All of them. Love you Andrea :)
    So glad to hear everyone doing so well!

    Love, Natalie, Josh, Eli, and Soon to be Sam