Sunday, April 19, 2009

Extra Prayers

Jimmie needs some extra prayers tonight. He had a feeding early this morning where he had 10cc's of residual left in his tummy. It was kind of yellowy- like it was full of stomach bile, which isn't normal for him. They adjusted his next feeding by leaving out the 10cc's and with that he had 7cc's left. They adjusted again and then it was 5cc's and at the last feeding he had only 2cc's residual. So it is moving in the right direction, but Rach is a bit anxious about it. He also lost 2 ounces. )-: And he's been VERY tired today, but not really acting sick. The Doctors and Nurses are not really concerned at this point. The NP feels like he may just need to have a big poopy. So lets pray those "poop prayers"!

Rachael and all Preemie parents live in terror of NEC (necroitizing enterocolitis). This is when part of the bowel dies. Obviously that is extremely serious. There do not seem to be any signs of this in Jimmie and as I said the medical staff does not seem too concerned. I sense Rach is having a bit of anxiety so pray for her. Perhaps it is the day, the emotions, the memories . . .

Pray for Jimmie!


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