Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Tucked In

My Dad took a few pictures last night when he visited and did his TKM session with Jimmie. Jimmie was all cozy and tucked in for the night.

Jimmie-- open your eyes for the camera . . .

LOL! This one he looks slightly annoyed and he's totally looking up at his Pa.

Jimmie did really good last night and today with his feedings! He took 3 out of his 4 feedings from his bottle last night and today I think Rachael said they only had to supplement him twice! The OG tube in his nose has helped his eating situation immensely! He definitely prefers nursing over the bottle which makes Rachael feel good. It seems a month spent only breastfeeding has really helped establish that for Jimmie. The other day Mom said he did something so cute. He was supposed to be nursing, but instead he just decided he wanted to look into his Mommy's face instead. Mom said he just stared and stared at Rachael. Awwww so precious!

Keep praying your fat prayers. Jimmie was truckin right along on his 10th percentile growth curve and these past two weeks has fallen down to the 5th percentile. Hopefully with that tube out of his mouth he'll be able to get back on track.


P.S. Becky thank you for your comment. It really does seem like this part of the journey is so draining . . . I'm glad your sweet girls were such fighters!


  1. He is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!!!!! Loving those pics....pack on the pounds buddy!

  2. What precious pictures! He looks so bundled and cozy. =) I'm so glad that he prefers nursing. Who would want a cold, hard bottle, when you can have a warm and soft mama? =)

    We'll keep up the prayers!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Jimmie and Rachael and your entire family are so amazing. May His grace continue to hold you and guide you.

    Your family is on the prayer chain at my church. We recently had a member who had her baby at 6 months. Here is the info:

    Please Pray For:

    Carrie and her newborn son

    She had a 2-pound baby boy at only 6 months of pregnancy.

    After unsuccessfully trying to change her appointment to a later day, her new doctor told her to go directly to the hospital. Her BP was off the charts as well as other problems. By 7:30 pm she delivered her baby boy -- at only 6 months -- 12 weeks early. Had she not kept her appointment on Tuesday she wouldn't be with us today nor her precious son. Praise God

  4. Jimmie is so cute. We are still praying for fat orayers for him.

  5. One of my sister's co-workers has been updating them about your story and today my sister showed me your blog.

    I'm touched by all of the drama you've been through already! I was excited to see Dr. Ridgeway mentioned - he delivered my triplets 20 months ago!

    Hope you get your little guy home soon and enjoy the March for Babies on Sunday - we'll be there too :)

  6. So cute! SO happy Jimmie is doing well - hope he's home very soon!!

    Take care,
    Kara McBurney