Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The "H" Word!

My prediction came true!!! Only much faster and in more dramatic fashion than I had imagined. The "H" word WAS mentioned TODAY! The NP said perhaps Jimmie might be able to go home in a couple of weeks!!! WHAT????? Oh my gosh!! I was in shock when Rach told me that. However there are many qualifiers along with that. It is in NO WAY a sure thing. It was just kind of thrown out there in relation to how well he was doing and there are a lot of "if this, then this..." scenarios being put out there. So I tell you this because it is indicative of how well Jimmie is doing, but not to get all of our hopes up that he might actually be home in 2 weeks. It seems that it is a possibility though, which is AMAZING!

The 2 main things that need to be worked out for him to go home are his eating by mouth and his oxygen situation.

As far as eating goes he is doing really well. They think he was taking as much as half of his feeding by mouth during his nursing sessions today. This is great news. However he still has a ways to go. He is only taking *half* of 3 feedings by mouth and he needs to take *all* of 8 feedings by mouth.

His oxygen situation is simply that he still needs it and he can't go home on the hood. He would have to be switched to a nasal cannula which we have been trying to avoid because of his nose issues. So he'll have to be put on a nasal cannula and watched for a while to make sure he's not going to crash and bleed again. That is not a scenario we would want to have happen to him at home. So in the next few days they may be trying him back on the nasal cannula again. Pray his nose stays safe and that this can work for him.

So Jimmie is being his little rockstar, superstar, small but mighty, mainstay, unbelievable, miraculous self!! Go Jimmie go!!!

Praise the Lord!!


P.S. I have to say- Ma, Pa and GGMa E. your comments on the last post were very entertaining! LOL!


  1. Wow..what wonderful news!!!!!! Praying for the nose and no issues!!

  2. Oh, wow, Wow, WOW!! How exciting--even just the possibility. Even if he can't go home in 2 weeks, just knowing that it will be soon is wonderful!

    We're praying for the Lord to continue the miracles in Jimmie!!

    Love you all so much,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Isn't this just amazing news! Our God is an awesome God!

  4. Pa, Ma and GGMa are so funny! Hey, it is amazing, as we all know from experience, how those little bodies can make such horrible smells!!

    But I cannot wait until ALL of Jimmie's loving family have the opportunity of changing his diaper, in his own home! I am sure that it is something neither Rachael or Justin will ever take for granted!

    Love you ALL!

    Michelle M.

  5. Yipeee! Wow! Jimmie, you are sooooooooooo amazing! We'll pray for your lil' nose. Jesus has blessed you in so many ways! We'll pray that you can come home! Home sweet home.
    -Mary Gates & Family

  6. wow!!!!!!!!! that is so awesome. I will pray oxygen prayers for Jimmie! been praying those for Maddy too! those nasal cannulas are a pain, and lugging a tank around the house isn't fun, but you know what, it would be a small price to pay if Jimmie could be home sooner! We'll pray that his nose doesn't get compromised again!!! Love to all of you!
    p.s. i have noticed my mom won't change Maddy unless she has to! lol...i don't mind though! i don't take it for granted that at least i get to change them!

  7. Thank you Lord! We're going to pray little Jimmie will be home for Mother's Day - what a great present! (However, when my youngest was born, he had to stay in the hospital over Mother's Day and the staff treated ME like a queen - flowers, candy, AND gifts!) Still, we'll pray for a Mother's Day at home. My Pre-Algebra and Algebra I classes at Cristos Academy have been praying for Jimmie and the whole family every week - they'll rejoice with you when the day finally comes -
    Cindy Hilker and family