Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A NICU Parent-Advisor

Jimmie is doing good except for that darn feeding tube is really starting to get old! It keeps slipping and hurting his throat. It's really sad to see him crying and upset because of that tube. He's just still too little to take his feeds by mouth. Even when he does nurse or take a bottle he still has to be given milk in his tube because he tuckers out before he can drink all he needs too. Poor Rachael is very weary of messing with this tube. So lets pray that Jimmie can get strong enough to take all of his feeds by mouth soon. And that in the meantime they find ways to make living with this tube more comfortable.

One of the Nurses is starting an organization in the NICU for parents. She herself had 30 week twins some years ago. She asked Rachael if she would be on the board as a NICU Parent Advisor. Wow! What an honor! Of course we all know Rachael's status as a "Supermom", but it now seems others at the NICU think so as well. (-: She really is an amazing mommy! She will be an amazing advocate for NICU parents!

Here are some pictures that Jimmie's Mimi (Amy) took today.

Thank you for praying for Jimmie!



  1. Yeah for Rachael! We pray that Jimmie can eat by mouth soon! He is getting so big! Look at all his hair! Jesus rocks!
    -Mary Gates & Family

  2. I just love looking at pictures of Jimmie. He is so adorable and it sounds like he's got quite a bit of spunk just like his mom and dad. Rachael, I know you would make a perfect advisor!

  3. Praying that they can get that feeding tube figured out! I can't imagine how sick he is of it...although he continues to be absolutely adorable!

  4. Rachael I think your experience will play a key role in parent advising. I'm so glad to see how well your little Jimmie has been doing, "Jesus is truly the light of the world". "Jimmie is a total ham", you and your family just keep the faith and let God do the rest things will work themselves out in due time. Until next time be blessed!!!

  5. Rachael,

    I hope that your experience can help other parents be as attentive and loving of their babies as you two have been of yours! Poor little Jimmie. Hope that feeding tube can come out soon!

    We love you!
    Adrian and Janelle

  6. Your so big jimmie.

  7. Praying. Jimmie is getting so big!!

  8. Jimmie is so beautiful...and fat! Go Rachael...here's to all feedings by mouth.

  9. This is my first day to notice that beautiful blonde hair! He looks less like a preemie all the time.

    May God bless Jimmie as he grows strong and fat and healthy!

    Denise Fultz

  10. Can this baby get any cuter???? OMG I just love watching him grow. He is such a fighter. Rachael you are looking a little more rested. Be sure to take care of yourself because when he goes home you will need all of your strenght. Jimmie you have been blessed with a great family!
    Kathy Barnes