Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So the big news today is that they moved Jimmie. He was in Tulip Lane in a room that had walls and a sliding door since the night of his birth. They needed his room for a very sick baby who needed a very quiet place to be. Since Jimmie is doing the best out of the babies on his row- he got bumped. Rachael is happy to let this very sick baby have Jimmie's room. However to be totally honest the move has really upset and stressed Rachael- in general. She says, "I know this really shouldn't be upsetting me, but it is!" I think the communication to Rachael about the move could have been a little bit better and that might have really helped.

Jimmie is now on Daffodil Lane in a much noisier part of the NICU. His room doesn't really have walls and it has a window. Basically it's the "change" that is freaking her out. And also all of the babies that were around Jimmie she knows and she knows their Mothers and their situations are similar to Jimmie's.(micro-preemies)So they will miss their friends. Mom said lets be excited about who we will meet and what God can do with our new situation. There is a possibility one of the babies in Jimmie's old section (tulip) is going home next week- and then Jimmie may get to at least move back to his section. Rachael wants us to pray that would happen.

The thing is Rachael is just barely hanging on with her emotions and her sanity through this whole thing. Jimmie is doing wonderfully and she is very grateful, but that does not change how incredibly emotional and stressful this entire situation is. So something as small as moving Jimmie to the other side of the NICU has rattled her. It's rattled her security a bit. And now she's not sure if Jimmie's (Rachael's favorite) Nurse Carolyn will be able to take care of him.

This concern carries into an over all concern that is warranted and this is consistency in certain aspects of Jimmie's care. Having just a few nurses who know Jimmie, know Rachael, Justin and the family and know the routine really takes a lot of burden and stress off of Rachael. She knows that the bigger picture is that it just means Jimmie is doing well, but she can't control how she's feeling so please pray for her to be at peace and pray that Carolyn can still be his assigned Nurse when she is working. Pray that her security can rest in Him. That she would be blessed with peace that passes all understanding. Pray for grace and strength for Rachael when she has to work harder to achieve the specific care she wants for Jimmie.

Jimmie has gained 2 ounces! So he is 2 pounds 15 oz. Woooooooohooooo! 3 pounds here we come. (-: However the fortifier that is helping him gain like this is really causing him to be gassy and have reflux. He's just very uncomfortable. So pray for his body to adjust to that.

Update on Jennette- she is being induced right now to have Maddy. Jennette is showing signs of Preeclampsia (high blood pressure and other things). This means it is definitely time for Maddy to be born. Jennette has a blog for Maddy and I am updating it for her. It's linked over on the right titled Maddy's Blog. Check it out for more detailed information. Thank you for praying for her!



  1. Justin and Rachael,

    We're praying specifically for your peace and comfort, and for the best situation for Jimmie! We're so happy that he's doing so well. Almost 3 pounds--how amazing!! Try to remember that this, too, will work for good.

    We love you all so much,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Rachel, your feelings about the move sound so familiar! The first time they tried to move our preemie (Colton)I said "Not if it can possibly be avoided." I think our son was fine but his dad and I just weren't ready. :)

    The second time they insisted on moving Colton and I realized it really was okay. All the monitors were still hooked up, same great care, and we got some new nurses, too.

    I know it's unnerving and a pain in the rear, but they will move Jimmy back if need be. In the meantime, don't be afraid to advocate for whatever he needs (corner spot or wherever it's least noisy away from more mature babies, etc.) Also a comfy rocker for you!!

    I think drs. unintentionally make it harder on parents by scaring the heck out of them before the preemie is born. So you're already on edge and can feel almost superstitious about not changing anything once the baby has stabilized and is doing well.

    One thing to think about after Jimmy 'graduates' and goes home is perhaps some short-term counseling for mom and dad. It was so helpful for me to move through the fear and deal with some of my unresolved feelings.

    It's hard for others to understand and they expect you to just 'get over it' and be grateful your baby's doing well but sometime's it's hard to adjust to seemingly little things.

    Sorry to be long-winded. You're doing an incredible parenting job and it sounds like you have many wonderful, loving people around you and Jimmy. (especially Amber, who obviously loves your head off! : )

    Take care,

    Mary (my friend Lorna Puls' daughter took dance at the studio)

  3. Mary, your "long-winded" comment rings so very true. I have a friend who was born at 4 lbs in the 50s - and she didn't come home for a long time. Her parents "slept" with her between them for a very long time. Another friend's umbilical cord ruptured during delivery and literally ripped from her abdomen, and she has the scar to prove it 50+ years later. Having a preemie is scary enough - but having a micro-preemie is scarier still

    It will take time for every one to get used to any changes once Jimmie goes home. And while he is in the hospital the best thing that can be done as a parent is to advocate, advocate, advocate. There is so much love for Jimmie, and he will adjust. And if he needs more delicate care, that will be available, too.

    Rachael and Justin, take care of yourselves. Jimmie will need you even more when he comes home.

    I am so happy to see the weight gain. I know the changes are hard. But God's grace is with you every step of the way.

    More prayers are coming!

  4. Praying for Jimmie and his mommy!!!!

    Girl you're the updating queen :)

  5. Sweet Rachael, it is so difficult when things around us change. Our prayer is that you are comforted by remembering that we serve an "Unchangeable" God. He never changes...He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Although circumstances and situations are changing around you and Jimmie, Jesus remains the same. He is your stay. His love and power are great and constant towards you and Jimmie.
    With all our love,
    Bobby and Missy

  6. It was so good to see you on Monday, Rachael, and we're praying for that peace that passeth all understanding for you right now. I know you are trusting in the Lord for all things, and what better place to be than in His loving care.

    "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary and walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

    Bless you, Rachael, and all of your family. Truly you will look back and only see one set of footprints showing that He carried you through all of this.

    the Tandys

  7. We hope that Jimmie's new room works out. 3 lbs. here we come! We are praying for Jimmie and his family!(:
    -Mary Gates & Family

  8. Rachael you are an amazing woman, and incredible mommy! May the Lord continue to "swaddle" you in blankets of peace and security, just as He is swaddling Jimmie. There are so many good reports....the Lord is sooooo grand! Rejoicing with you, and praying for 3lbs and good crit levels and good poopys, and I ask that Carolyn would remain Jimmie's nurse! Love you.