Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fortifier Side Effects

Another good day for Jimmie!

He gained 32 grams. So he's up to 2lbs 13oz. So that fortifier they are putting in Rachael's breast milk is really helping him gain weight. However an unfortunate side effect is now he is constipated. )-: They put in an order for a suppository- poor guy. This is very common. Hopefully his body will get used to it and everything will move as it should. Oh dear-- so now guess what we have to pray with our "fat prayers" and our "crit prayers"?? You guessed it- . . . "poop prayers". LOL! My son will love that. (-: He'll laugh his head off.

Lord please help Jimmie's body work as it should! Though this is not much of a concern as of yet it is actually very important that this is worked out fairly quickly as bowel issues can be extremely serious in preemies.

Along with this little bowel issue he's having he also refluxed today. He had "throw up" coming out of his mouth and nose. They had to suction him out so he could breathe. Man- that had to be uncomfortable. So anyway-- though this fortifier is good for weight gain it is causing some unpleasant side effects for him.

His swelling is better today- so that's great.

Thank you for your prayers! You guys are all so awesome!

P.S. I'm gonna start bugging Rachael for some new pictures and video to post. I haven't seen my little man for over a week! Some of us are sick here so I didn't get to go visit this weekend. )-:


  1. good! he's really starting to chunk up i bet! will definitely add "poop prayers" to the list! will they continue the fortifier indefinitely, or just until he hits a certain weight? just curious. glad to hear the swelling has gone down! love you all!

  2. Talk about specific :) Fat and poop prayers!!! You got it!

    I know he didn't like getting suctioned...Allie hates it and I've never seen a baby that cared for it.

    Keeping Jimmie in my prayers..and that everyone around your place starts feeling better soon!

  3. We're praying for Jimmie! Thank you for the updates...they're one of my daily inspirations.
    God Bless All Of You!!!

  4. All of my kids had reflux. And he's so tiny. Poop prayers are coming. Crit prayers, too. Praise the Lord that he continues to grow and improve. Many, many thanks to the King of kings.

  5. We'll keep those prayers coming!We love you guys(:
    -Mary Gates & Family