Friday, March 20, 2009

Extubation This Afternoon

It could be later this afternoon before they extubate Jimmie. Mom just called to explain the NICU received 5 babies this morning and the Doctors are very busy. We don't really know for sure when it's going to happen. Keep praying and hopefully his bleeding will stop completely before they extubate!

Jimmie was very upset this morning. Crying and agitated. He wouldn't calm down even when Rachael was holding him so they had to give him some sort of sedative to calm him. After that he slept on Rachael for a couple of hours. His blood gasses afterwards were very good. They don't know why he was so agitated. His bleeding hasn't picked up or anything. Who knows at this point. He could just be "DONE" with this whole thing. The I.V. could be hurting him, the Ventilator could be upsetting him, maybe he missed being held. Sometimes babies just scream for a while. Regardless pray for his little psyche- that he is comforted and peaceful.

I'll let you know as soon as I hear about extubation. Pray pray pray!!



  1. We are praying this afternoon - and we have some new folks in on the praying, too! God Bless Jimmie!

  2. We'll pray for little Jimmie!
    -Mary Gates & Family