Friday, March 6, 2009

Answered Prayers

Answered prayers- yeah!!! Rachael held Jimmie today. She is feeling much better, as is Justin.

When she called Jimmie's night nurse (during her 4am pumping) she was very encouraging, respectful and sensitive to Rachael about some specifics and that really lifted Rachael's spirits about that issue. April-- thank you for the suggestion about an assigned(primary) nurse. Rachael is going to look into that option.

And Jimmie gained weight! He was 1 pound 13.8 ounces today. Still no blood transfusion.

Rachael and I had a wonderful time with Sandra- friend and mother to 4. Her 3 girls have taken dance from us since they were very young. Sandra treated us to facials at a spa down the street from the hospital this morning. Thanks again!!! What a great treat.

I dropped into see Jimmie quickly and he had a long awake time while I was there. He was looking right at me. He is so cute!! He was having trouble with destats and bradys while I was there and I got a taste of NICU life with a micro preemie. It's pretty stressful and hard. After his nurse came in and suctioned his nose he was doing much better though. All in a days work for these little babies- I guess. Whenever his nurse was re-adjusting his sensors she had to pull some tape off of him and he cried. Then he clearly got mad. It was almost funny. His little forehead
wrinkled up and his eyebrows pulled together. He sure is a fighter. I'm such a proud Aunty. (-:

To all of you who saw my comment on Jonah's blog and have offered words of support and prayers thank you. It is so encouraging and cool how the internet connects people for prayer and support.

We got a really cute picture of Jimmie looking right at the camera today. I'll post it this weekend.

I'm praising and thanking God for these answered prayers!


P.S. I added a new feature over on the right that links other blogs. McKenna's is there! (-: I'll link other related blogs that people have sent me etc...

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