Monday, March 2, 2009

Hematocrit And Lungs

Jimmie sucking on his Pacifier.

They record Jimmie's weight everyday, but on Mondays they measure his length and his head circumference as well. Today he weighed in at 1 pound 12 ounces, length- 13 3/4, head- was 9 inches. So he's moving in the right direction. Go Jimmie go!!

Two prayer requests. Jimmie is looking a little pale and his hematocrit is low. They are checking it again tomorrow and if it's still low then that means he will have to have his 2nd blood transfusion. Pray that his hematocrit will come up on it's own!!! Remember he is losing blood because of all of the blood work they do on him, not because he is bleeding.

They are going to ultrasound his lungs again tomorrow to make sure they are not still hazy. (fluid) If they are he'll have to have 3 doses of Lasix. Pray that his lungs are beautifully clear.

His sodium was almost normal when they checked this morning. Yeah!!!

When Rachael held Jimmie today my mom did one of her TKM (energy work) sequences on Rachael-- just like she did the whole time Rach was on bedrest. She touches and holds her hands in different places on Rachael's body. Right when mom put her hands on Rachael Jimmie gave a big sigh of contentment. (-: Kind of like, "aww I remember this. " (-:

Lord help Jimmie's hematocrit come up and help his lungs be clear!

Thank you for fighting for Jimmie!



  1. What a sweet picture with his paci! We're praying for him!

    Justin and Rachael, it was great to see you yesterday. I wish I could've hugged you both, but I'm paranoid about giving you germs. Rachael, you look great!

    We love you all,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. We are all still pulling for him. if jimmie needs some o+ let me know.

    Chris williams