Friday, March 6, 2009

More Later

Just thought I post a quick note. Jimmie is doing well today and Justin and Rachael are feeling better. I will post a more detailed update later this evening, but it will be late. I'm going out with my hubby! (-: I got to see Jimmie today and I do have more to write...



  1. glad they are feeling better. will look for your other post tonight! have fun on your date!

  2. I saw your post on baby Jonah's blog and just had to come and see your Jimmie and offer some prayers and support!

    Jimmie is such a beautiful baby! All that hair and his little nose...just love it!!

    My neice was born at 25 weeks gestation. She was a little over a pound, so small, so frail. But she was a little fighter, a little power house. Peyton turned two in August.

    Rachael and Justin, your family, and you are not alone! Thousands, if not millions of families have been right where you are now. The road is not easy and the outcomes are unclear. But through God all things are possible!!

    I will certainly keep Jimmie in my daily prayers! I will also pray for Rachael and Justin that they have some peace, strength, patience and faith during this time!