Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Bath! Weight Gain! Scary Time!

Jimmie gained 75 grams today! I'm so excited! That's the most he has EVER gained. So keep praying those "fat prayers" they are working. He is now only 3 grams away from 2 pounds!

The doctor may try him at 1 liter tomorrow on his flow. They are still watching and waiting on the whole transfusion issue.

Jimmie got his first bath today. Rachael and nurse Carolyn gave him a bath. Rachael said he loved it! His sensors were off so Carolyn talked Rachael through the signs and symptoms of a destat. He did great the whole time.

Rachael said they had a really scary few minutes this afternoon though. Carolyn was getting Jimmie ready to get out of his isolette so Rach could hold him and she pushed the moisture in his tube down away from his face- like she always does- and suddenly he started destating his oxygen pretty badly. Carolyn went ahead and put him in Rachael's arms thinking he'd come back up, but it just kept getting worse and worse. Rachael said his color started getting ashy. They put a forced air oxygen mask up to his face and he'd get better and then they'd slowly bring it away and his oxygen would start falling. Carolyn put him back in his bed and started trying to figure out what was going on. She said babies can get sick fast, but not this fast. She was listening to his heart and lungs (they sounded great!), she suctioned him... I'm thankful mom was there with Rachael- they were praying and talking to Jimmie. Nothing was helping and the only thing keeping him at acceptable levels was the mask they were holding on his face. Then Carolyn went to check the machine that is connected to his high flow nasal cannula-- and a CONNECTION HAD COME LOOSE! She said that had never happened to her before. Rachael was so grateful Carolyn checked that before anything drastic was done. Like going back to cpap or something...

Rachael said the whole time this was happening he was breathing and his heart rate stayed really steady. Poor guy had his nose plugged up by the cannula and wasn't getting good oxygen flow. He is totally fine!! And his nurse was so on top of things that he'll have no adverse affects from this. BUT it took Rachael quite a while to calm down.

I was freaked out just listening to her tell me about it.

Lets keep praying those "fat prayers" and pray Jimmie would continue to be strong and healthy and just pray for his safety too. His life depends on sensors and machines right now- and on his nurses. Carolyn is so great!


P.S. I get so many comments in person by people I see throughout the week on Rachael and Jimmie and the blog. Rachael misses you all. I try to pass things on to her, but she loves reading your comments as well. So don't be shy! A few of you comment pretty regularly. Rachael loves that!


  1. Hi! It's been a busy week here, but we're still checking the blog daily and are so excited to see pictures, videos, and good news (and the downs so we can pray!). I loved the picture from your wedding, Rachael, and all the things you said, Amber about sisters. What a blessing that you have each other! You are never far from our thoughts, Rachael (and Jimmie and Justin) and we pray for you often and share about Jimmie with others. Praise the Lord for your nurse being led to the problem yesterday.

    Happy 1 month birthday, Jimmie!!!

    Many blessings,
    The Tandys

  2. Oh wow..what a scary moment. I am so glad it was figured out quickly. I am praying for all of you!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIMMIE!!! Praise the Lord everything got figured out quickly yesterday!

    We love you all so much!

    Adrian and Janelle

  4. Our small group has been praying specifically for Jimmie to make it over 2 lbs this week. I loved the video of Jimmie turning his head. I am a proud auntie. I show my co-workers everytime there is a new picture. They love seeing his progress and are also praying for him. One of the teachers had a baby at 25 weeks as well and it brings back a lot of memories for her. Her son is now Hannah's age (13) and doing well. He had alot more set backs at birth than Jimmie has so far. Jimmie is a rockstar!
    Love you all!

  5. RACHAEL! It sounds like you are doing an amazing job as a mommy. I am sure that Jimmie relys on you a lot. I loved, loved, loved the video of him moving his sweet little head. I still just want to kiss him! From what I can see (which isnt totally accurate)is that he totally looks like a EuDaly baby. I could be wrong, though. I think of you constantly! At this point, I can't even call him a miracle. It is beyond that for my comprehension. What is better than a miracle?....Jimmie! He definitely has a purpose here, and I can't wait to see him grow and develop and show us and those docs and nurses what he's got up his sleeve! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN! We love you all so very much!
    Natalie, David, Josh, Eli, and Squishy

  6. Rachael!That is so great. I am glad that Jimmie is gaining weight. That is so exciting. Happy Birthday


  7. Jimmie is 1 month old today!! Happy Birthday lil guy! I can't wait to meet him. Love all of you.

  8. Happy Birthday J-boy! Keep packing on the grams, ounces, and pounds!

  9. Justin & Rachael (your name is spelled the same as mine!),
    We just wanted you to know that we are praying for little Jimmie! We are so glad to see his progress. What an amazing little guy! I just thought you'd be encouraged to know that even our 4 & 2 year old pray specifically for Baby Jimmie every morning & night.
    You're doing a great job!
    Steve & Rachael