Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Hard Day

Well- it’s been another frustrating stressful day. This morning Jimmie’s Doctor decided to do something a little more aggressive and put Afrin -a drug that is supposed to constrict blood vessels- in his nasal passage . 15 minutes later Jimmie started having some serious bradys. His heart rate overall was low and it kept dropping into the 70’s. To put this in perspective- Rod said his training as an EMT has them doing chest compressions and CPR on a baby whose pulse is under 80. The positive thing was Jimmie’s oxygen saturation was staying in healthy ranges even during his bradys. The Doctor came in and said this was an apparent bad reaction to the drug. She rinsed and flushed the drug out of his nasal passages and his heart rate improved immediately. He is still struggling with bradys some though and it’s been 6 hours. So pray that side effect wears off and his heart recovers quickly. The drug didn’t stay that long in Jimmie’s nose. I don’t know the time frame, but we are hoping maybe it was in there long enough to help his bleeding issue. That drug is obviously now out of the question.

Rachael is cautiously encouraged that this afternoon and early evening when they have suctioned Jimmie there seems to be much less blood. Lets pray really hard that this is the beginning of the end of this bleed. Rachael said Jimmie was acting really lethargic this evening. He’s had another hard day. Besides the bad reaction to the drug. His I.V. keeps going bad. He is back on full feeds so they are only using his I.V. for his daily dose of antibiotics. The nurse said he had a traumatic time while they were trying to get his I.V. in a new vein this afternoon. Rachael says please pray this one stays good for a long time. I think he has at least a few more days of antibiotics. Jimmie has been stuck so many times since Monday Rachael can’t even count. The poor guy is starting to desat when you touch his feet because he expects pain. It really breaks my heart. He is struggling and uncomfortable with the ventilator. He was only on it initially for 5 days so Rachael can tell he really does not like it. The Doctor has literally said she is too chicken to extubate him right now. Rachael agrees with her. They have to be as sure as possible that the bleed has completely stopped before they can even think about it because they want to avoid what happened Monday afternoon at all costs.

The other upsetting thing is Rachael was told she needed to be out of the NICU from 2 to 6pm today. A baby on Jimmie’s row has to have surgery. They are turning that portion of the NICU into a sterile operating area. The surgery just started at 8:30pm. So Rachael will just go home and try to sleep. Please say a prayer for this baby who has to have surgery that it would be successful and safe. It’s been tough for Rachael to not be by Jimmie’s side when he’s having such a difficult time.

I am really REALLY hoping the bleeding is slowing down. Please pray for this bleed to completely stop and for Jimmie to heal. Before he can make any headway or recovery this has to happen. Pray for him that he would be held by God and comforted during this time. He hasn’t been in his Mommy or Daddy’s arms since Monday morning.

I know there are many many people praying from around the world. I’ve been told some pretty awesome things about who all knows about Jimmie, is reading the blog and praying for him. The words “thank you” are not adequate. It is so comforting to know all of your faithful prayers are covering Jimmie!



  1. i will definitely keep praying for the bleeding to stop! hopefully the afrin worked...maybe there is a similar drug they could use? i am glad that his heart rate came back up when they flushed the drug out of his system! and, will pray for intubation! thanks for the update! love you all!!

  2. We continue to lift Jimmie and your entire family up in prayer, believing that He hears our prayers and will heal Jimmie. Praying that you will be filled with His perfect peace while you are waiting. . .

    You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

    With love,
    Jennifer and Hannah

  3. Hi, as Jimmie's Momma...need to take care of yourself. The Lord Jesus will embrace your son, as His Holy Spirit is already surrounding baby Jimmie. As you have felt the touch of the Holy Spirit, children have this amazing ability to sense the Lord, as their faith is so simple. Rest knowing the Lord is ever watching your son.
    We will continue to believe that as the bleeding stops, that whatever setbacks Jimmie had will be supernaturally recovered and more. We love you...the Bingers...

  4. Our family is praying for Jimmie. God bless all of you.

  5. I lifted Jimmie up in prayer at a charismatic healing Mass tonite. And I keep all of you in prayer. Blessings.

  6. We prayed (as we always do) for Jimmie this eve at our prayer group and have also started a Novena for him! I love you all and miss my second fam!!!!!!!!:)A(:
    PS Thanks for your prayers for me and my Ma, as well...prayer is amazing: "trust in the Lord and wait for his light"

  7. Rachael,

    I did "right-on" from 10:30 to 11:50 tonight with a couple of breaks. Jimmie was very tolerant and still the whole time, I assume he was exhausted. However, the blood-oxygen levels were more consistent and stable than I've ever seen them. They didn't go below 90 the whole time I was in there. It was wonderful to be able to sit in there and not have that freakin' alarm go off every time the number dropped below 85 and then sit there and pray and wait for it to go back up again. Overall, I was encouraged .


  8. Praying for Jimmie to turn the corner and improve today!!!!!

  9. Rachael,

    We are praying everyday for Jimmie!

    Hope you had a moment of rest last night and that Jimmie has a better day!

    Blessings, Cassie, Lexie & Alyssa

  10. Rachael,

    We are still praying for you and Jimmie.
    Hope you get some rest!


  11. Father may your kingdom come and be with Jimmie and Rachael and Justin, and all of the family. Father, we ask in Jesus' name that Jimmie's bleeding would stop completely, and we ask that you would give him supernatural strength to recover. Restore his heart.....You are his life-beat Father....we trust he is in the palm of your hand. We also ask that you would comfort him... be his healing balm and soothe his pain. I also ask that you would help Rachael and Justin to have sound minds holding on to your truth in the midst of all of this, and give Justin your grace when he has to work. In light of his "duties", may he find peace and perspective to give and receive grace! We love you all so much and are expecting complete and total healing. Tiff and Jason

  12. We are praying for Jimmie every day! We hope the bleeding stops,and that he would be all better soon!
    -Mary Gates and Family