Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Miraculous And Exceptional

First off- pray for Justin. He's sick. This is upsetting obviously because he really can't spend time with Jimmie until he's well.

So they want Jimmie's hematocrit at like 40. Yesterday it was like 30 and today it was 29. They said usually between 24 and 25 the babies body will recognize there is a need to start producing more red blood cells and that's when it starts going up on it's own. They told Rachael today they'll just wait and watch and if Jimmie does not become symptomatic they'll let him try to bring it up on his own. So keep praying he will not need another blood transfusion.

His lungs did look better today so that's good. They were not totally clear though. So keep praying for that as well.

Jimmie's nose is really not faring well with the "high flow" nasal cannula. It is pushing up on his septum and his tissue in his nose is so soft right now there is concern about this being deforming. There is one nurse (Carolyn) who Rach really likes who works really hard her whole shift to keep it off of his septum, but it takes a lot of effort and basically is a hassel and the other nurses are not making it a priority. Rachael is going to try to really push for this to be paid attention to. She has perspective though. She told me tonight that if all Jimmie gets out of this whole thing is a deformed nose she'll feel pretty lucky. (-:

She has asked what they usually do for babies with this problem and they answered. They don't have small babies like this on the high flow nasal cannula. Babies like Jimmie spend much more time on the ventilator and the cpap and are bigger by the time they get on the high flow nasal cannula. Again this puts into focus what an amazing miraculous rarity Jimmie is. However I don't feel quite as graceful about it and I think all of the nurses better figure it out! I don't think it's acceptable that they just say we don't normaly deal with this problem and just continue to let it happen. Rach feels this way, but as always I'm so humbled and impressed by her attitude and grace. Pray that they can figure something out to help his poor little nose. Pray for all of the nurses to care.

Another thing I felt "ungraceful" about today was in realation to the above issue the Nurse Practitioner said "Jimmie does not know his gestational age. He is not acting normal- (in a good way) (-: But then went on to say that it's hard to believe Jimmie hasn't gone back on the ventilator and that he will not be suprised if he does at some point because of an infection. That's just what typically happens. I was like, "WHAT!! Don't speak that over Jimmie!! That is so not cool!" Rachael just calmly explained that she knows they are just always trying to prepare her for what's normal. So after the nurse left the room Rach and mom just prayed over Jimmie and told him he was free to be Jimmie! Not a typical micro-preemie. Go Jimmie go. Keep being who you are!! Which is miraculous and exceptional!

Everybody keep praying those positive things for him!



  1. My prayers and thoughts are with you all that Jimmie will not be a typical micro-preemie. Almost 3 weeks old and he has not been typical yet!I love you all.
    Aunt Leanne

  2. My family is praying for little Jimmy! Love to you