Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi Everybody

Jimmie is so perfect! I got to see him again today for the first time since the delivery room the night he was born. So it was my first time in the NICU. Even though he's gained weight, he looked smaller than I remembered. His skin tone has definitely evened out. He's not so red anymore. I'm pretty sure I spotted a dimple on his cheek that looks just like Rachael!

There is not much new to report on his condition today. So here are some great pictures from yesterday of Justin holding Jimmie. Rachael said Jimmie was really staring into Justin's eyes yesterday. She said they just looked at each other for a while. So Awesome. Jimmie you are a special little man.

Below Jimmie saying, "hi" to everyone! (-:

Tiny boy!

Loving Daddy

Thank you for praying! I will never be able to thank you enough.


P.S. Reagan- Jimmie likes being your "sweetheart" (-: And he likes the "love monkey".


  1. it's so awesome to see these pictures. and i am glad you got to see him amber! he's beautiful!

  2. What a treat to see Jimmie in the arms of his daddy! He is so tiny and perfect!
    We pray every morning and night that Jimmie continues to get healthier and stronger!!!
    Blessings, Cassie , Alyssa & Alexiya

  3. We are so glad to see he is doing so well, he may have his up and down days but we all do. God is watching over him and he will be fine, he has put you two to the test because he new you could handle it. You two are so loving that Jimmie will be a strong man like you two are. We are still praying for you and can't wait till the day he is strong enough to go home. Our prayers are with you.
    P.S. All that hair he has.
    Gordon & Shari Taylor

  4. Those are precious! We're praying that you stay rested, Rachael, and that Jimmie keeps growing and getting stronging. I was reminded of the verse that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. Be just like Jesus, little Jimmie!

    The Tandys

  5. Oh, these photos are amazing! Jimmie you are awesome and perfect! Keep growing strong and healthy! You truly are such a fighter and we love you.