Monday, March 9, 2009

Small But Mighty

Jimmie has been turning his head like this on his own since he was like a week to 10 days old. Babies born at his gestation and size are not usually able to do that. Yet another thing the doctors and nurses are blown away by. The Nurse Practitioner called Jimmie, "Small but mighty!"

He really is just totally amazing and miraculous.

Rachael and Justin's pastor has been calling Jimmie "Samuel" ever since Rachael went into the hospital in danger of losing him. He's been calling him Samuel because we are asking God for him.

I think we could also call him "David". He is little David up against Goliath and he's victorious! He's winning so many battles against the odds, against even what is normal.

I looked up the meaning of Jimmie's name. In Hebrew it means, "supplanter". In English it means, "dependable and steadfast". So Jimmie has overthrown (supplanted) the normal. The nurses have even been calling Jimmie their mainstay (dependable and steadfast). I thought the meanings of his name were very cool- considering . . . (-:

Praise God!



  1. Oh, we love hearing his little sounds and fusses!! What a strong and amazing little guy!!

    Love you,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Wow that's amazing! Also read your post tonight and am sending tons of fat prayers your way!!!!

  3. So great to see such a strong little boy. He is such a fighter. We continue to pray for your sweet little baby.