Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Tachy No Brady

I’m glad you all enjoyed the video montage. I loved doing it. Your comments and emails are all so uplifting! I still cry every time I watch it. I posted 2 permanent links on the right hand sidebar. The top one is to “you tube“ and underneath is the “one true media“ share page. If your computer wouldn’t let you watch the one I posted try both of those links and see if you have any luck. Jimmie is in HQ ( High Quality) on you tube! Once you are there if you click the HQ on the lower right of the screen it’ll load up looking sharp and clear! Also you can click the “get codes” on the montage I posted yesterday here on the blog and copy the html to post the video anywhere you want!

Jimmie had a higher than normal (for him) heart rate (tachycardia) yesterday evening. He seems fine, but Rach just noticed it and so did the nurse. It went over 210bpm and the alarms went off while Dad was there late evening. He seems fine today. The Doctor doesn’t seem too concerned as of yet. Jimmie receives caffeine therapy with his feeds. And he received quite a big dose last weekend when he came off the ventilator. It helps him remember to breathe and helps with bradys (bradycardia-low heart rate). Perhaps he is suddenly becoming a bit more sensitized to it. They have checked his levels and he is at the higher end of therapeutic levels. He is also still receiving Xopenex treatments (every 12 hours) for his lungs and that drug could be contributing to a higher heart rate as well. (Thank you Ellie-my cousin who’s a pharmacist-for confirming I got the right drug!) AND he is starting to be awake and very aware for longer periods of time. But, regardless- lets pray his heart rate stays in a healthy normal range. No tachy! No brady! (-:

Jimmie’s IV is finally gone! So all of the outward effects of last week are now gone. Wooohooo. Evidently the IV can weigh as much as an ounce though. Jimmie’s weight today without the IV was 1202 grams or about 2lbs 10oz. Keep praying those Fat Prayers!

Mom (Andrea) and Rachael took a 2 hour long infant CPR class today offered and highly recommended by the NICU. Mom BROKE her baby doing chest compressions. LOL! It’s chest lost all of it’s air and caved in. The instructor said- that doll must have been on it’s last leg. I say, “Sheesh Mom- you might want to take a chill pill, be gentle! (-: Justin didn’t go to the class because he was skipping out! Just kidding! (-; He’s a trained EMT as well as Firefighter.

You guys are all so awesome for your care for us and your prayers!

P.S. Rachael just called and said the Doctor decided to discontinue the Xopenex to "as needed". So lets pray Jimmie DOES NOT need it!


  1. Talk about crying! I just watched the video and with the song it reduced me to tears. Thanks for letting us share with you.

    Prayers continue. Blessings and love to you all.

  2. So glad things are overall looking well- we will continue our chunky monkey prayers too! Go Jimmie Go!
    Love AV

  3. good to hear! hopefully he continues down this same path! he's getting closer to 3 lbs! that will be awesome!!! love you guys!

  4. We're so thankful that he's doing so well. We'll continue praying! Way to go Jimmie!!

    Love you all so much,
    Adrian and Janelle

  5. Praying for fat :) and for the heartrate to go down. Sounds like overall Jimmie is doing well....keep it up buddy!

  6. God's good grace has blessed you, Amber, with the ability to share Jimmie's journey. I am so grateful for his improvement! Prayers keep coming for all of you!


  7. We are continuing to "pray without ceasing" for all of you! The grace of our Lord astounds me! I am actually 24 weeks 6 days pregnant today, so you are all especially on my heart.

    "Now to Him who is able to keep you from falling,to present you before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy; to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority through Jesus Christ our Lord before all ages now and forever more. Amen.

    Jaime and Maddy Ward