Thursday, March 12, 2009


I posted this picture a few days ago, but I lightened it so you can see his face better. This was last Friday when I visited. He was looking right at me!

Today was a big day for Jimmie. He had his hematocrit checked- it was the same. So a blood transfusion is still hanging over our heads. Rachael is starting to feel like she wants to just have it done to get it over with and maybe he'll start gaining weight more consistently. But at the same time-- he's not really symptomatic, the previous (anonymous) donor blood pack he was using has expired and so it would be great if his levels would just come up! We have had a friend offer to donate and we may end up doing that. We'll see . . . Just keep praying it comes up!

He had his blood gasses checked and they are looking good.

And he had another ultrasound of his brain. His brain looks great and is negative for bleeding! This is WONDERFUL news!

They also adjusted his flow to 1 liter. This is basically equivalent to the low flow nasal cannula. So-- he may get moved to the low flow tomorrow. Pray that he does well with that and has no setback this time!

After his huge gain of 75 grams the other day. He lost 7 grams and he gained that back today. So now he is at 901 grams which is still just under 2 pounds. 1 pound 15.78 ounces. Keep praying those fat prayers! (-:

I'd like to ask some special prayers for Rachael too. She is just feeling a bit weary and overwhelmed with NICU life today. A lot of it is also normal new mom stuff, but compounded- of course- by little Jimmie's situation. She is exhausted. It could still be a couple of months before Jimmie can come home and today that just feels so overwhelming to her. She also knows the first couple of years of a preemie's life can be daunting. Just pray for her to take it one day at a time. She is a very good mommy- a "Supermom" for sure!!! She's very involved in every aspect of Jimmie's care and spends 8 to 10 hours a day in the NICU. Pray for her to be able to "let go" when she should, but also pray for her to have grace, wisdom and strength to be there advocating for Jimmie when it's needed!

We talked for a bit and she thinks perhaps she needs to turn one day a week completely over to Justin-- or something like that. Just so she can clear her head and get some fresh air so to speak. Justin is working a lot- pray that it works out for him to step in for Rachael and that she can let go when he does. (-:

Rachael is loving reading all of your comments the past couple of days. She is so grateful for your love, support and prayers. Even from strangers. It's too cool that people we don't even know are following and praying.

I am so grateful to you all! Family, friends and strangers -who are now friends to us! (-:



  1. I'm O+ so call me any time. I work like 5 minutes from the hospital.

  2. Rachael:You are an absolute inspiration!!!! I am in awe of what you are doing right now and your precious baby is incredibly blessed to have you there for him. Praying for you!!!!

  3. Justin and Rachael,

    I can't imagine the difficulties in your situation. I'm praying for all of you constantly throughout the day! I hope you know that if there's ever anything else we can do to help, just let us know.

    Love you all so much,
    Adrian and Janelle

  4. Rachael and Justin,
    We're so glad Kathy sent the link to your blog. It's so awesome to see little Jimmie and hear how he's doing every day.

    Our prayers are with you all continually!
    Karen & Gary Liles

  5. Rachael! The boys and Kenna played today and I was able to just chat with Amber. I have heard of your triumphs and challenges. It is hard enough to be a new mommy in normal circumstances, but what you have to do is just beyond my comprehension. I know without a doubt! that you are being the best mommy for Jimmie and wife to Justin. Heavenly Father chose you to do this job because he knows you can do it, you are perfect for the job! I know that doesn't make it much easier, but I know when I feel like I can't do anymore with my "normal" mommy life here in the Millard home I have to tell myself these things. YOU are amazing! along with Jimmie!! You are the mommy of this incredible child! He is thriving a lot because of you. Hang tough. Know that the Millards are behind you!!! Before you know it, we will all talk about the time Jimmie was so small and fragile when he is driving you up a tree :) Love you, Natalie

  6. I was just reading and had this most awesome thought! When Jet brings Maddy for a visit in May, she will get to meet her cousin Jimmie in person! I sit here with tears streaming down my face,realizing the obstacles that have been overcome. When that day comes I really believe our family will feel a large weight lifted! Thank you lord for being so faithful!
    Rachael, my love, you are so awesome!
    I know you tell your sister this daily,
    but make sure you tell her how much you love her. Amber, you are an awesome sister! We are so blessed to have a family like ours! I love you all so much and pray everyday for all of you! May God bless you and keep you well today and everyday!
    Love Aunt and Great Aunt Suzy & Uncle Lin