Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rocking The Low Flow

Jimmie is rocking the low flow cannula. He is doing totally fine with it. YEAH! They have moved his feeding tube to his nose now. Rachael said it's great to see his mouth free of that. She took pictures today of his new look. Hopefully I'll be able to post them soon.

He gained another ounce! Woohoo! He's a little over 2 pounds 2 ounces. These fat prayers are really working.

Rachael took most of the day off from the NICU and Justin spent the day with the baby. She was able to stay away until late afternoon. This is the first time she's really done that. I think it was good for her to rest and clear her head of the NICU for the day. Of course by late afternoon she couldn't wait to get up there and see her baby!

When Justin was holding Jimmie today his nasal cannula came loose and Jimmie pulled it the rest of the way out of his nose. He started destating and the nurse came in to help, but the cannula got pulled awkwardly tight and they couldn't get it back up to his nose right away. They put a mask up to his face while they were untangling it. Sheesh Jimmie. I'm totally sure you will be free of all tubes and wires before long, but you gotta be patient little man. (-:

A new thing to pray about is Rachael is pretty sure Jimmie is refluxing after he eats. He'll suddenly grimace and then suck kind of frantically. Reflux can be a major problem for preemies so lets pray this is not so for Jimmie.

Below is my mom's comment from under the last post. I thought I would post it in case some of you didn't see it.

"We do have a friend donating blood on Monday for Jimmie in case we need it. Thank you! But I have to say, my hope is that Jimmie will not need a transfusion.
Also, when I was in the NICU today, another nurse was helping Jimmie's nurse. She peeked her head into Jimmie's woom (room/womb)because his alarm was going off (high oxygen saturation-a good problem to have). She was simply amazed that such a little guy was on the low flow. It just does my heart good! I am so thankful to our Holy Father! Also, our TKM sessions are going quite well and I am convinced that this form of touch therapy is a wonderful tool given from above. I believe that it is one of the answers to prayer for Jimmie's amazing progress.
Love you, Jimmie Jim Jim, and Rachael and Justin, keep up the good work. Rest and Laugh! Goodness and Mercy are just following us around! (23rd Psalm)I love it!
with love,
Ma (Andrea)"

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Justin and Rachael and little Jimmie. We are so grateful!


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  1. Wonderful Wonderful news. Praying the fat prayers!!!!!

    So happy to hear that Rachael got alittle break away!