Monday, March 30, 2009

Kisses For Cousin Jimmie

New pictures!

Jimmie's Great Grandma Paula bought him a little (and I mean LITTLE) onsie. He is so so SO SO CUTE!!!!!! Aaaaaaa I can't stand it. I can't wait to kiss his cheeks.

You can compare this to the picture in the header of this blog and realize how much bigger Jimmie is in Justin's hands. And Jimmie is totally smiling!

Awwwwww Daddy loves that boy!

I love his little hand there under his chin as he sleeps.

Jimmie is doing great. He had a big poopy so that's good! His crit is starting to lower again. It's at a 30. (they like it at 40) However they will really play the waiting game this time. He is older and bigger so we are really hoping eventually he is able to get it up on his own. The Doctor said they could let it get as low as 19 if he wasn't symptomatic. So we will keep praying about that.

Jimmie tried breast feeding for the first time today. He got about two sucks in and then got tired. But Nurse Carolyn says that's a good start! Rachael loved it because she got to see his face while she was holding him for so much longer than usual. The way she normally holds him it's hard to see his face.

Jimmie only gained a few grams today, but he has had big gains the last two days so that's okay.

So my daughter McKenna LOVES watching the video and picture montage of her cousin Jimmie. The video has been watched on "One True Media" and "You Tube" combined over 750 times! McKenna asks to watch it numerous times a day. So we are bumping up the numbers. LOL! She says, "dimmie or just eeeeeeeee" when she wants to watch it. So today I took pictures to show you what she does.

A look of awe- seeing her baby Jimmie.

Kisses for cousin Jimmie.

And then she laughs in glee at the end. She is just sure that when Aunty Ta Ta (Rachael) looks at the camera and smiles that she is smiling right at her!

So if any of you have children who are loving to watch Jimmie send me pictures of them watching the video! I'll post them on the blog. ( I know Jimmie has lots of 2nd cousins, I know the Voss and DeGhelder kids (in Vegas)love and pray for Jimmie and all of our little ballet students...

A special prayer request today for my cousin Jennette. She is the one who helps me with the blog at times. She is being induced possibly Tuesday or Wednesday morning with her 2nd daughter Maddy. She is a week overdue. Maddy is healthy and Jennette's pregnancy has gone very well. A lot of you prayed last year for Jennette and Jason when their 1st daughter Gabby was born very sick. Gabby passed away after 8 days in the NICU. So you can imagine Jennette and Jason and all of us who love them are very anxious to meet Maddy and to have everything go well. I will post an update on Jennette and Maddy with Jimmie's update tomorrow evening. Rachael and Jennette had such a hard time last year losing their daughters. Aunt Suzy (Jennette's Mom-my Mom's sister) has said what a glorious day it'll be when Maddy and Jimmie get to meet. That will truly be a wonderful day for our family.

We are so grateful for your care and prayers for our family!



  1. Awww!!!!! I love his little onsie on him! He looks very cute and content. Especially in the first two pics! It is so cute how McKenna loves to watch the video! We'll keep on praying!

  2. How sweet is he in real, big boy clothes? Great pictures! We can't wait to kiss those cheeks, either.

    Way to go on eating, Jimmie! What a huge step toward getting to go home. How exciting!!

    Our kids LOVE looking at pictures and videos of Jimmie! We'll try to get a picture of them tomorrow.

    We're praying for all of you and Jennette, too!

    Love you all,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. yay! a onesie that fits! that's so cool. he's looking great. thanks for the prayer request for us too, i appreciate it! i am ready to meet my daughter! i love you guys very much, and keep those pics coming!!!

  4. Beautiful, awesome, amazing......Thanks be to God.

  5. He's getting so big!!! I love the onesie!

    Can I say that McKenna is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! I love when she's kissing Jimmie and when she's smiling at her aunt!!!! That is absolutely PRICELESS

    I will include Jennette in my prayers tonight...what an exciting time!

  6. WOW! WOW! Jimmie looks so adorable! I love the pictures of Kenna, too! Amazing that Jimmie took two sucks!
    Love ya!

  7. WOW! Jimmie is SO CUTE. I like the pics of McKenna, they are so cute. We are praying for Jennette as well as Jimmie! Love you guys!


  8. Jimmie looks soooo good in the new pictures!! Go boy!!!

  9. Good gravy! Jimmie is getting bigger and cuter every moment! He looks so good and getting so healthy. I am so happy that Mama Rachael had a breast feeding moment. There is nothing like it, and what a great start. He will be gobbling up in no time. Keep on trucking little guy! We are rooting for you!
    Love, Natalie, Josh, Eli, and little Sam in the oven

  10. Natalie-- Sheesh I should have said the Millard boys in my post too. would they watch the video? Take pics of them watching it and I'll post them. Jimmie's gonna love looking at all of his friends who prayed and rooted him on!

  11. Wow with that little outfit he doesn't look so tiny I think you need to keep those clothes on him more often so he can think big and maybe he will put weight on faster.
    Gordon & Shari Taylor

  12. Little Jimmie is SOOO cute!