Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Day Of Rest

Jimmie is doing well.

Rachael has been really exhausted for the last few days so she stayed home and slept until mid-afternoon. Justin spent the day with Jimmie and then Rachael came up later. I'm so glad Rachael was able to rest today and catch up on some sleep. She sounded so refreshed. And what a great day it was for laying around. KC weather is just insane. We had rain, thunder, freezing rain, sleet and looks like there is about 4 or more inches of snow out there now. And it's springtime! And in a few days it'll be 60 degrees. And soon they'll be talking tornadoes. The power was out this evening in Overland Park and the hospital was running on it's backup generators. You don't think about that much unless your baby is being kept alive by electricity and then that's a little sobering. Rachael was holding Jimmie when she heard the noise of the generators kicking on.

Jimmie weighed in today at 1244 grams that's up 35 grams from yesterday!! AWESOME! So that's 2lbs 11.88oz!!!

Rachael said Jimmie was quiet and slept again a lot today which sometimes means he's having a growing day. So hopefully he'll gain big again tomorrow.

His periodic breathing was better today, but his oxygen was needing to stay a little higher, so Rachael is still worried about his crit levels. They will probably check them on Monday.

A new prayer request- Jimmie's hands and feet are a little swollen. This is a common problem. He's peeing well and everything so they are not really worried it's just another thing to keep an eye on. Another thing that is common with prematurity. Pray all swelling goes away and that his whole body is safe and healthy!

Knowing you all are praying is so comforting to us!



  1. YAY for growth spurts! I'm glad you're all staying safe in this weather. As always, you're all in our prayers!

    We love you,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. We are all praying for you Rachael, JImmie, And Justin! We hope that you all are being safe in this weather! We are so happy for Jimmie, We are also proud of him working hard!


  3. Yah! 2 pounds 11 oz., that's great! We'll pray for the swelling to go down(:
    -Mary Gates & Family