Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amazing Little Man

Well-- things are going okay. Jimmie is not doing near as much of the "scary puking". And "no" Rachael has not started him on the Bethanecol yet. She and Dr. S. discussed it and Jimmie has a check up in a week. So they will continue feeding him less (letting Jimmie say when he is done) and keep dosing him 3 times a day with Zantac. At his appointment they will assess his weight gain and determine if this is the right course for Jimmie. Hopefully he'll gain a respectable amount.

Sometimes Rachael can barely get an ounce down him before he's done. And most feedings are still hour long, fussy (sometimes screaming), back arching ordeals! Followed by another hour of handling Jimmie like a china doll, trying to keep him from puking. He seems to be breathing very easy though and Rach has not noticed anymore retractions so that's an answer to prayer!

Except for feeding time Jimmie is an amazingly good baby. Despite everything he's been through, he's peaceful, happy and easily consoled- even amidst his horrible reflux. He is such a fighter; An amazing little boy!

Thank you for your prayers!


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  1. Aww, Jimmie! What an incredible baby boy!Praying for all of you guys! Yes, he's truly an 'Amazing Little Man'!