Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feeding Prayers

Jimmie is doing alright. Feeding does remain a constant issue. He should be taking at LEAST 90mls. It seems that about 1/2 his feedings he only takes 70 or 80mls, but then the other 1/2 he'll take 100 to 110mls. However he is much more likely to have a significant puke when he eats the larger amounts. It just gushes out. Rachael keeps a full sized towel surrounding them during his feedings. Sometimes it comes out of his nose too and those pukes are not fun. He struggles for a few seconds to breathe and Rachael suctions his nose to help him out. We are hoping that the average amount of milk that stays in his belly is sufficient. She is adding fortifier too- so hopefully that counts for a little more. Usually "at least" once in a 24 hour period he has a really bad feeding where Rachael says he screams and fusses frantically the whole time. She says it looks like she's torturing him. She always fights for him to eat. She does not feel Jimmie can afford to miss any feedings. Lets pray some major "feeding prayers" for little Jimmie. Eat Jimmie eat! (-:

Rachael has been having a hard to time getting a consistent reading that makes sense on her baby scale so we don't know what he weighs. We are hoping for 8 pounds or more. Rach is gonna replace the batteries in the scale and hopefully that will fix it. She may also end up taking him to his Pediatrician- Dr. S. this week for a weight check.

His small size and his feeding issues definitely remain his apparent issues from his extreme prematurity. Those two issues obviously are connected. Even when you adjust his age he is still very small. He'll be 2 months old adjusted age in about a week. Can any of you preemie moms offer some encouragement about his weight? What did your preemies weigh at 2 months?(adjusted age)

Can you possibly get any cuter than this though??? I think NOT!

As Cole says, "I just can't stand it! Jimmie is way too cute!!!"

Thank you so much for your prayers!



  1. Such cute pics! Love the hat. This boy is cute! I saw what looked a preemie baby at church today. Couldn't help but think of Jimmie. We'll pray some 'feeding prayers'.

  2. I just found this blog. My neice is also a 24 weeker. She's now 15 months old. Aside from being tiny, she's doing great. She's meeting most milestones at her chronological age (just barely) and was sicker than Jimmie while she was in the nicu (she didn't come home until she was just over 4 1/2 months old).

    Anyway, all this to say that some babies are just destined to be little. Try not to obsess too much about the number and concentrate on how Jimmie's doing (easier said than done, I know).

    Good luck! I look forward to more happy updates!

  3. My twins (26weekers) were small for a long time as a matter of fact I am not sure my smaller one is in the growth chart yet (almost 3years) and we gave them the 26 cal formula until they were a year + and then did carnation instant breakfast after that and even tried pedisure(they did not like so much). Our doctor told us he was not concerned as long as she followed her growth curve which she does still. The one thing I have learned about preemies is they do things on their on timetable. My girls are doing great almost three and were alot sicker than Jimmie I know he will do great becasue preemies are such fighters. Tell Rachel to keep up the good work and hang in there.
    Becky Winbinger

  4. ADORABLE!!!! It was great to see you today, Rachael! He just gets cuter and cuter each time I see him. And I know you don't notice his growth changes a lot since you're with him all the time, but every time I see him I can definitely tell that he's grown.

    Any time you get worried about his weight, just think of my kids. Even my non-preemies aren't always on the growth curve. Sofi's never been at more than 5%, and more often than not she's not on it at all. And she's perfectly healthy. And Josiah's just as small, if not smaller. They were both 37 weekers, so technically full-term. Josiah was right around average weight at birth, but I don't think he's on the charts right now.

    We love you, and we'll keep praying for his eating and for your peace!!

    Lots of love,

  5. yeah, honestly, i don't think that the growth charts should be dwelled upon either. Maddy has flucuated between the 50% down to the 10%, but she seems to grow at a consistent pace. I know that it is sooooo much more concerning with Jimmie, but in all his pics, he looks great and healthy. I will pray that the feedings become less traumatic, hopefully it is just a phase and will go away soon!!! You are a great mommy Rachael and a constant inspiration to me! You are such a strong woman and Jimmie is lucky to have you as his mommy! Love you!!

  6. Is he on meds for GERD? We had to break down and put Josie on them when she was little. We too had to put full size towels down. The puking got a little better but we saw a HUGE improvement on her being able to tolerate feedings. She too would arch her back, scream, fuss, etc. Once we put her on meds for the GERD, the fussing stopped during and after feedings. I know every parent hates to do that, but we chose what we thought was best for her and we are so thankful we did. It made feedings go from me dreading them, to me loving them. I'll check on her weight at 2 months old and let you know.

    Keep it up Rachael!!!!
    Allison Dull

  7. My little guy was on Zantac for his 1st 10 months...worked wonders!

  8. My 28 weeker was slowish to gain weight when he first came home, then we got him on Zantac for reflux and he was a much happier baby when it came to eating. He was around 11bs at 2 months adjusted age. He's 2.5 now, and although he's on the smaller side (5-10% height and weight) his head circumference is right on target (75%) and he's at or ahead of all his milestones.

    As long as Jimmie is gaining and his head circumference is growing he'll be fine, just small for a while. He'll catch up.

  9. Oh he is so Cute